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Fellow Year Project Report
Michael Small, Michael 2016 The Rodney Warmington Churchill Fellowship to identify the most effective ways to ensure buildings are accessible to people with disability - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Lara Torr, Lara 2016 To explore creative and pioneering disability access initiatives in the museum sector - UK, Spain, USA, Canada PDF  
Laura Vidal, Laura 2016 To develop innovative and best practice solutions to addressing forced marriage in Australia - USA, Kenya, Canada, Sri Lanka, UK, Denmark PDF  
Georgina Whiting, Georgina 2016 To investigate strategies for improving access to primary healthcare services for homeless women - USA, UK, Belgium PDF  
Rachel Wotton, Rachel 2016 To review training programs for sex workers providing services to clients with disability - UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark PDF  
Jessica Aulich, Jessica 2015 The ACT Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to examine models for addressing domestic violence which can inform Australian policy - Austria, USA PDF  
Damien Barry, Damien 2015 To initiate the development of a domestic violence prevention program for teenage boys - USA, Kenya, South Africa PDF  
Erin Bromfield, Erin 2015 To study approaches to assessing gender-based claims for refugee status put forward by women - Belgium, USA, Indonesia PDF  
Edward Bullitis, Edward 2015 To investigate services and practices relevant to homeless individuals exhibiting premature ageing - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland PDF  
Narelle Dickinson, Narelle 2015 To investigate the implications and risks to Australian families considering CrossBorder Surrogacy - Russia, India, Mexico, USA PDF  
Michelle Enbom, Michelle 2015 To learn new ways to manage intellectually disabled offenders including transition to the community - Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, UK, USA PDF  
Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Kate 2015 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to examine innovative legal responses to intimate homicide - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Felicity Horrocks, Felicity 2015 The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to examine innovative programs to reduce homelessness and housing stress for low income families - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Sarah Janali, Sarah 2015 To investigate municipal policies/programs that enhance the integration of migrant and refugee communities - Canada, USA, Belgium, Germany PDF  
Melissa Kaltner, Melissa 2015 To understand the role of adoption in creating stability for children unable to live safely at home - Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland, Spain PDF  
Sandra Lascelles, Sandra 2015 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to explore factors for the participation of Indigenous families in accessing early childhood programs - Canada, USA PDF  
Simon Lewis, Simon 2015 To explore short term live-in intensive models for intellectually disabled students - Canada, USA, Peru PDF  
Karrina Nolan, Karrina 2015 To enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's leadership capacity and engagement in community and civic life - Canada, USA PDF  
Angela Plunkett, Angela 2015 The Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet Churchill Fellowship to develop a model of palliative care services for homeless and vulnerably housed people in Australia - Canada, USA PDF  
Alison Richardson, Alison 2015 To explore disability led practices in theatre and investigate inclusive training and mentoring models - UK PDF  
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