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Fellow Year Project Report
Dean COX, Dean 2005 To investigate the roof slate industry through direct contact with companies that produce and export natural slate - Spain, UK, USA PDF  
Martin GEDDES, Martin 2005 To acquire advanced blacksmithing skills through exposure to international practices - USA, Czech Republic PDF  
John GORMAN, John 2005 To visit rice growing areas to establish relationships within allied industry sectors and promote AMPAN (panel-board produced from rice stubble) production - USA, Canada PDF  
Gayle MacGREGOR, Gayle 2005 To study the construction techniques of historical clothing in the 16th-18th Centuries - U.K. PDF  
Fiona PROWSE, Fiona 2005 To study pattern making and the techniques used to enable new materials and applications to be implemented in footwear design and production - Italy PDF  
Kristina SHAW, Kristina 2004 To study computer techniques with reference to the latest developments in the fashion industry - Italy PDF  
Jennifer ARMSTRONG, Jennifer 2003 To investigate the historic and current use, manufacture and conservation of architectural terracotta and faience - USA, U.K. PDF  
David MUSGROVE, David 2003 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to investigate current trends in the manufacture and marketing of biscuits, particularly through attendance at the IBA Trade Fair - Germany PDF  
Bruce TULLY, Bruce 2003 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study jewellery design for application to uniquely Australian gems and materials such as opals, argyle diamonds, Broome pearls and sapphires in settings incorporating emu leather, crocodile and barramundi skin - USA, PDF  
Andrew GAMLIN, Andrew 2002 To visit wooden boat centres to learn about organisational structures, funding sources, operations, education programmes, boat building methods, promotion techniques and tourism aspects - USA, France, Denmark, Norway PDF  
Dennis LANE, Dennis 2002 To study commercial tree production, history, design and artistic enhancement of the Western Stock Saddle - USA PDF  
Evan DUNSTONE, Evan 2001 To study contemporary chair design and construction - USA, UK PDF  
Norman JAGGER, Norman 2001 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the response of the National Baking Industry to the demands of self-regulation, environmental impact and community consultation - UK PDF  
Nyree SMITH, Nyree 2001 To study with leading designers and metal workers in Andalucia to develop more diverse products and services - Spain PDF  
Sara THORN, Sara 2001 To enhance knowledge of textile design, fabric construction and hand weaving, particularly ancient silk jacquard weaving - Italy PDF  
Susan WATKINS, Susan 2001 To retrieve techniques lost to modern millinery in Australia and study new developments in materials and design methods - UK, France PDF  
Graeme CORNEY, Graeme 2000 To further Australia's knowledge on the impact of water on the deterioration of heritage fabric - UK, Italy, Germany
Ashley GURNEY, Ashley 2000 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the latest developments in the science of baking - USA PDF  
Zoe MAHONY, Zoe 2000 To study high fashion design, tailoring and marketing - Belgium, France PDF  
Kevin O'BRIEN, Kevin 2000 To study construction techniques developed by Indigenous communities - Fiji, New Zealand, USA, Canada
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