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Fellow Year Project Report
Timothy PENNY, Timothy 2006 To study and evaluate innovative primary and secondary school design that illustrate alternative models applicable for Tasmanian schools - USA, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark PDF  
Rifaat SHOUKRALLAH, Rifaat 2006 The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to examine road safety policies, particularly engineering measures implemented as a result of these policies and their effectiveness - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, U.K., Japan PDF  
Robin ANDERSON, Robin 2005 The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study community-based safety programs for older road users and apply that knowledge to developing relevant programs in Australia - U.K., France, Belgium, Sweden, USA PDF  
Michael GEARING, Michael 2005 To examine the methods used by Air Traffic Management organisations to teach situational awareness, spatial awareness, preparedness and decision making in order to ensure aircraft separation - USA, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, U.K. PDF  
Matthew SHEPHERD, Matthew 2005 The Bruce Byers Churchill Fellowship to investigate the management of refresher training in air traffic control - Canada, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden PDF  
Matthew ANDERSON, Matthew 2004 To examine methods currently employed by foreign governments and policing agencies to protect critical infrastructure and to ensure the continuity of service if these sites are interrupted - USA, Canada, U.K., Ireland, France, Israel PDF  
Gerard DOYLE, Gerard 2003 To research models of disability-led community building and environmental design, particularly the contexts of transforming environments through the arts from adaptive technology to local community/international events - USA, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Andrew OVERTON, Andrew 2003 To investigate the role and integration of public art in urban design and redevelopment - USA, Canada, U.K., Spain PDF  
Margaret ANDERSON, Margaret 2002 To investigate the management of rural community transport services in communities with less than 50,000 population and outside urban areas, with emphasis on non emergency health and medically related transport - U.K., USA PDF  
Thomas SMITH, Thomas 2002 To study all aspects of aerospace medicine (which encompasses aviation and space medicine) as an Aerospace Medicine Resident at NASA - USA PDF  
Christine LAURENCE, Christine 2002 To study strategies, programmes, policies and organisations promoting sustainable transport - USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland PDF  
Brooke RYAN, Brooke 2002 To study water sensitive urban design and sustainable environmental systems in landscape architectural design - Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Morocco, India PDF  
Ian DICKER, Ian 2001 To study the integration of light agricultural aircraft into bushfire suppression operations - USA, South America, Canada. PDF  
Andrew HAMMONDS, Andrew 2001 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate established community based sustainable urban development which can be applied in the planning, design and construction of public housing projects in Queensland - Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, PDF  
Langley KIDBY OAM, Langley 2001 To study the acquisition and retention methods of highly successful smaller European Aviation Museums to help stem the disastrous loss of our aviation heritage due to poor practices - France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy PDF  
Brenton DAVIS, Brenton 2000 To study civil application of Tilt Rotor Technology - USA PDF  
Sarah LETHBRIDGE, Sarah 1999 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate low cost sewerage schemes for implementation in small and rural communities - U.K., Denmark, Germany, USA, New Zealand
Leigh WOOLLEY, Leigh 1999 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to study design principles of urban settings with particular reference to the Hobart region - New Zealand, Canada, USA, U.K., Norway, Spain, Hong Kong
Susan DUNCAN OAM, Susan 1998 To research to latest methods of modifying light aircraft to extend the boundaries of aviation to people with physical disabilities - USA, UK
Robin KING CULLEN, Robin 1998 To investigate techniques to improve representative community input to urban and regional planning - New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada
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