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Fellow Year Project Report
Kate PRINSLEY, Kate 2009 To investigate the sustainability of local history and its volunteers in the community - USA, UK PDF  
Tracy SULLIVAN, Tracy 2009 To observe the teaching practices and methodologies of key World History curriculum designers and teachers to aid in the development of a National Curriculum in World History - USA PDF  
Sarah TRACTON, Sarah 2009 To study access modifications in cinemas and venues for audiences with a disability - USA, UK, Israel PDF  
Richard APEL, Richard 2008 To study traditional handed-down German stained glass painting and firing techniques - Germany PDF  
Nicole CANHAM, Nicole 2008 To investigate the positive impact of culture in diverse communities - Belgium, France, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela PDF  
Jane CRICK, Jane 2008 To investigate non-institutional educational ceramics workshops - USA, U.K. PDF  
Winsome JOBLING, Winsome 2008 To investigate innovative hand papermaking focusing on specialist papers for printmaking - Singapore, USA, U.K. PDF  
Matthew PERRY, Matthew 2008 To study innovative visual arts projects for people with disabilities - USA, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Paul SMITH, Paul 2008 To study ecclesiastical stone sculpture, restoration and conservation - Spain, France, UK PDF  
Itzell TAZZYMAN, Itzell 2008 To further develop my skills in traditional glass carving techniques - USA, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland PDF  
Benjamin CLARK, Benjamin 2007 To analyse the evaluation framework and giving programs developed by philanthropic and cultural organisations - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Angela GARDNER, Angela 2007 To investigate the establishment of collaborative print/poetry small press for emerging practitioners - USA, U.K. PDF  
Natalie JENKINS, Natalie 2007 To investigate design and technical aspects of recycled glass in art - USA, U.K. PDF  
Kenneth LLOYD AM, Kenneth 2007 To examine arts and cultural programs which have provided opportunities for regional and remote communities to access and participate in the arts - U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
Mark HEWSON, Mark 2006 To study architectural glass installation, design and developments - USA, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, U.K., New Zealand PDF  
Glenda HYLAND-REID, Glenda 2006 To study community cultural development and community arts projects for people with a disability - U.K., USA PDF  
Janet LAURENCE, Janet 2006 To research and document environmental art that has been successfully integrated into architecture and landscape, creating works that are potent, interpretive, informative as well as being experiential and engaging spaces - Germany, France, Italy, U.K., F PDF  
Kaye PENDLETON, Kaye 2006 To obtain the necessary computer skills to produce professional DVD's and publications to preserve and make available a photographic history of Norfolk Island and its people - Australia PDF  
Lisa COLEMAN, Lisa 2005 To study the life and influence of Australian picture editor and writer Norman Hall - U.K., France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, USA PDF  
John ELLIOTT, John 2005 To study social documentary photography and publishing to further highlight the Australian bush and Australian country music history - USA PDF  
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