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Fellow Year Project Report
Veronica LAKE, Veronica 2010 To visit theatre companies and investigate their educational programmes for connecting Shakespeare to young people in the classroom situation - UK, Ireland, Canada PDF  
Pauline REYNOLDS-BARFF, Pauline 2010 To study material culture created by the Polynesian women who settled on Pitcairn Island in 1789 - New Zealand, USA, UK, Norway PDF  
Joanna BOSSE, Joanna 2009 To develop new curatorial models for Australian art museums to work with Indigenous artists and their communities - Canada, USA PDF  
Geoffrey COBHAM, Geoffrey 2009 To research professional event and installation artists with particular focus on creative implementation, cost effectiveness and safety innovation - Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, UK PDF  
Ellen HICKMAN, Ellen 2009 The Geoffrey Allen Churchill Fellowship to research the Haemodoraceae plant family of the Americas in order to illustrate a definitive text - Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, UK PDF  
Andrea McKEY, Andrea 2009 To research 'painting with light' techniques to tell stories and connect communities - USA, Italy, Germany PDF  
Kate PRINSLEY, Kate 2009 To investigate the sustainability of local history and its volunteers in the community - USA, UK PDF  
Tracy SULLIVAN, Tracy 2009 To observe the teaching practices and methodologies of key World History curriculum designers and teachers to aid in the development of a National Curriculum in World History - USA PDF  
Sarah TRACTON, Sarah 2009 To study access modifications in cinemas and venues for audiences with a disability - USA, UK, Israel PDF  
Richard APEL, Richard 2008 To study traditional handed-down German stained glass painting and firing techniques - Germany PDF  
Nicole CANHAM, Nicole 2008 To investigate the positive impact of culture in diverse communities - Belgium, France, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela PDF  
Jane CRICK, Jane 2008 To investigate non-institutional educational ceramics workshops - USA, U.K. PDF  
Winsome JOBLING, Winsome 2008 To investigate innovative hand papermaking focusing on specialist papers for printmaking - Singapore, USA, U.K. PDF  
Matthew PERRY, Matthew 2008 To study innovative visual arts projects for people with disabilities - USA, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Paul SMITH, Paul 2008 To study ecclesiastical stone sculpture, restoration and conservation - Spain, France, UK PDF  
Itzell TAZZYMAN, Itzell 2008 To further develop my skills in traditional glass carving techniques - USA, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland PDF  
Benjamin CLARK, Benjamin 2007 To analyse the evaluation framework and giving programs developed by philanthropic and cultural organisations - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Angela GARDNER, Angela 2007 To investigate the establishment of collaborative print/poetry small press for emerging practitioners - USA, U.K. PDF  
Natalie JENKINS, Natalie 2007 To investigate design and technical aspects of recycled glass in art - USA, U.K. PDF  
Kenneth LLOYD AM, Kenneth 2007 To examine arts and cultural programs which have provided opportunities for regional and remote communities to access and participate in the arts - U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
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