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Fellow Year Project Report
Darren LOMMAN, Darren 2008 To research organisational models and physical structures of rehabilitation and engineering centres - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Italy PDF  
Joanne McNEILL, Joanne 2008 To study the role that local government can play in supporting the development of social enterprise - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Sylvia ADMANS, Sylvia 2007 To study how to market and promote a new model of philanthropy - Canada, USA, U.K. PDF  
Glen BRENNAN, Glen 2007 To establish an Indigenous Micro-enterprise Program in Australia - USA, Canada, France, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Anton KRIZ, Anton 2007 To investigate regional business variations in Mainland China - China PDF  
Sally MALONE, Sally 2007 To study the development of regional creative economies with an emphasis on urban design - Canada, USA, U.K., Spain PDF  
Amanda McKAY, Amanda 2007 To research programs and strategies for assisting refugees into the workplace - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Lorraine EDMUNDS, Lorraine 2006 To study how rural communities effectively protect and utilise their rich natural heritage with emphasis on the revitalisation of regional economies - Canada PDF  
Ian JARRATT OAM, Ian 2006 To investigate the development, implementation and use of comprehensive unit pricing (price per kg/litre) arrangements, especially for pre-packaged groceries - Belgium, Sweden, U.K., Ireland, USA PDF  
Katherine KEATING, Katherine 2006 To investigate corporate philanthropy using foreign models with emphasis on tax incentive regimes, legal structures and foundation models - USA, U.K. PDF  
James THIER, James 2006 To examine the mechanisms of shareholder advocacy, especially resolutions proposed at Annual General Meetings, used to improve the ethics of corporations and promote ecologically sustainable and socially just enterprises - USA, U.K., Netherlands PDF  
Jill CARR, Jill 2004 To visit refugee employment programs, in particular, those using mentors and which focus on enterprise and connecting refugees with the business sector - U.K., Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, USA PDF  
Charlotte FINCH, Charlotte 2004 To research economic tools to assist the rejuvenation of depressed rural areas with particular reference to "Rural Enterprise Zone Areas" - U.K. PDF  
Lani HOUSTON, Lani 2004 To investigate opportunities to retain and attract youth in regional communities focusing on employment options, training, leadership and youth entrepreneurship - USA, Canada, Ireland PDF  
Matthew JONES, Matthew 2004 To identify and document successful models of social enterprise that can be promoted within Australia - U.K., USA PDF  
Kimberly PALMER, Kimberly 2004 To investigate networking and professional development programs for young professionals and entrepreneurs (under the age of 40) - USA, Canada, U.K., Belgium, France PDF  
Kevin SCOTT, Kevin 2004 To examine how leadership development programs attain a high level of people management skills, including supportive leadership, that builds community relations and achieves the organisational outcomes being sought - U.K., USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hong K PDF  
Colin DRAKE, Colin 2003 To research public risk and liability insurance with reference to the Australian concert and event market, particularly risk management strategies employed in areas of crowd control, service of alcohol and counter terrorism - U.K., USA PDF  
Linda DUFFY, Linda 2003 To investigate effective mechanisms for promoting sustainability within regional communities - USA, U.K. PDF  
Ian FLETCHER AM, Ian 2003 The Department for Community Development (WA) Churchill Fellowship to address the issue of capacity building in First Nations as well as meeting the needs of indigenous people when they migrate to regional centres - Canada PDF  
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