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Fellow Year Project Report
Peter Kirwan, Peter 2013 The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to learn new rescue techniques to reduce the national road toll - USA, New Zealand, Norway PDF  
Sarma Rumbachs, Sarma 2013 To study the effectiveness of public sex offender registers and the impact on the community and policing - USA, UK PDF  
Bruce Wicksteed, Bruce 2013 To examine varied models for paediatric critical care transport with the intention of establishing a service in Western Australia - New Zealand, USA, Sweden, UK PDF  
Morgan Cook, Morgan 2012 To explore the development of improved fire investigation tools by incorporating the latest developments in fire research - China, Hong Kong, Sweden, USA, Canada PDF  
Robyn Forester, Robyn 2012 To investigate support networks for Indigenous law enforcement officers - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK
Ian Mannix PSM, Ian 2012 To examine how emergency agencies provide information on radio and social media to communities under threat from fires, floods, tornadoes and tsunamis - Canada, USA PDF  
Travis Marsham, Travis 2012 To study innovative practices that enhance the building of police craft with an inexperienced police force - UK, Ireland, USA, Canada PDF  
Ben Millington, Ben 2012 To examine mass evacuation centres and supporting arrangements utilised following significant natural disasters - New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada PDF  
Jason Prince, Jason 2012 To examine emerging police use of facial recognition systems and facial image comparison procedures - Israel, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Paul Thorpe, Paul 2012 The ACT Government David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to study innovative decontamination of public facilities and spaces exposed to hazardous materials - Singapore, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
David Young, David 2012 To improve the detection of illicit substances being transported to remote/Indigenous communities utilising police dogs - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Shannon CROFTON ESM, Shannon 2011 To investigate the utilisation of helicopters for flood rescues and reconnaissance - USA, Canada PDF  
Cassandra CROSS, Cassandra 2011 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study methods for preventing and supporting victims of online fraud - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Anthony de WIT, Anthony 2011 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study aero-medical patient care and mission safety practices - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA, Canada PDF  
Steven JAMES, Steven 2011 To study emerging methodologies, intelligence tools and forensic science to investigate wildlife crime - USA, UK, France PDF  
Bruce LIN, Bruce 2011 To research strategies and practices for investigating and suppressing motor vehicle theft - Canada, USA PDF  
Andreas SCHLOENHARDT PhD, Andreas 2011 To examine the application and effectiveness of anti-organised crime laws in Australia - Austria, France, Germany, UK, USA PDF  
Catriona TONACIA OAM, Catriona 2011 To study methods for eradicating the stigma and misconceptions surrounding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Timothy ANDERSON, Timothy 2010 To study ways of improving bushfire intelligence through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Israel, Germany, Italy, UK, USA PDF  
Kate BRADY, Kate 2010 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study disaster recovery services following a variety of emergencies - USA, UK, China PDF  
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