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Fellow Year Project Report
Penelope Lee, Penelope 2019 To research, learn from and build relationships with women's museums - USA, UK
Stephen Macdonald, Stephen 2019 To develop a best practice approach to diagnosis and management of sepsis across Australia - UK, Ireland, USA, Brazil
Laura Macfarlane-Berry, Laura 2019 The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to investigate veterinary field epidemiology training programs for improved animal and public health - Thailand, China, Mauritius, Madagascar, Italy, USA, Canada
Jan Maggacis, Jan 2019 The Community Sector Banking Churchill Fellowship to investigate resilience training methods and develop sustainable leadership models to support the NFP sector - USA
Adongwot Manyoul, Adongwot 2019 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways in which Africans have been integrated in other Western multicultural societies - USA, UK, France, Norway
Evan Marker, Evan 2019 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to train in the art of stone letter carving and observe the operation of a commercial studio - UK, Belgium
Ian Marmion, Ian 2019 The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods to manage visitation to protected areas while conserving their intrinsic values - South Korea, China, USA, Canada
Nathan Maynard, Nathan 2019 The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to further hone and develop my craft as a playwright and immerse myself in the running of a First Nations Theatre Company - Canada
Danielle Mazza, Danielle 2019 To reduce inequities in access to medical abortion through better integration into primary care - Ireland, Sweden, USA, Canada
Patrick McGee, Patrick 2019 To investigate models of disability supports to people with disability detained in prisons - UK, Ireland, USA, Canada
Michael McSweeney, Michael 2019 The Blakeney Millar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study ways of engaging isolated people through local theatre in small communities - New Zealand, USA, Canada
Markiyan Melnychenko, Markiyan 2019 The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to study pedagogical techniques of the German violin school under renowned violinist Antje Weithaas - Germany
Jane Milburn, Jane 2019 To investigate ways hands-on upcycling actions help reduce textile waste and enhance wellbeing - Japan, USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany
Manickam Minakshi, Manickam 2019 To create new biodegradable polymers with incorporated redox active minerals for energy storage - Sweden, Poland, Germany
Leanne Mitchell, Leanne 2019 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate how councils respond to rough sleeping while balancing responsibilities to the wider community - UK, Finland, USA
Alison Morley, Alison 2019 The Auto Skills Australia Churchill Fellowship to examine installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in low population areas - China, South Korea, USA, Canada, UK, Norway
Murray Norman, Murray 2019 To explore best Practice in Religious Education worldwide to enhance RE in a multicultural Australia - India, Israel, UK, Germany, USA
Samantha Nowland, Samantha 2019 The Yulgilbar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to address the challenges facing remote Aboriginal communities in the culture of native rock oysters - Canada, USA, France
Briony O'Shea, Briony 2019 To understand how barriers to introducing hydrogen into natural gas networks can be overcome - UK, Norway, Germany, France, Turkey
David Och, David 2019 To develop a Statewide sustainable GIS geotechnical database to capture present data for the future - Malaysia, China, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland
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