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Fellow Year Project Report
Anne JOHNSTONE, Anne 2004 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to evaluate the latest research, findings and programmes relating to the integration of pastoral and academic domains in schools and classrooms - U.K. PDF  
Vicki TRETHOWAN, Vicki 2004 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate procedures identified by school principals, teachers and welfare staff when supporting and assisting school community members with recovery following a significant traumatic event - USA, UK, Norway PDF  
Kerry AYRE (now Kimbrey), Kerry 2003 To attend the International Science and Engineering Fair in the United States with a view to establishing an "international classroom" which will link students globally via the internet and provide a database of research projects - USA, Israel, Indonesia PDF  
Catherine DAY, Catherine 2003 To observe the educational policies and strategies in schools which have resulted in significant gains in improving the educational outcomes for students from low socio-economic circumstances in rural and remote centres - Canada PDF  
Ian GALLAN, Ian 2003 To examine multi-sensory programs for disabled students and how thse programs will assist students acquire and develop functional skills to further their independence and quality of life - USA, Canada, Ireland, U.K., Finland, Sweden PDF  
Loris GLASS, Loris 2003 To assess school based problem gambling prevention strategies - Canada, U.K. PDF  
Suzanne GOODWIN, Suzanne 2003 To investigate the strategies and programs that develop the capacity and effectiveness of schools through the linking and integration of community support - USA PDF  
Robyn HARTELL, Robyn 2003 To study innovative school programs, activities and experiences which encourage interaction between students, teachers and heritage places - Canada, USA, U.K. PDF  
John McKAY, John 2003 To study alternative approaches to the delivery of vocational education and training to thin student markets in regional communities - U.K. PDF  
Matthew RYAN, Matthew 2003 To study the technical infrastructure, management models and educational programs for school children at sites which operate radio and optical astronomy facilities - USA, U.K., Italy, France PDF  
Matthew STYLES, Matthew 2003 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to study classical, jazz repertoire and pedagogical methodology to ascertain ways in which the two styles of music could be combined in education and performance based activities - USA PDF  
Peta WHITE, Peta 2003 To investigate environmental education programs in schools and communities, particularly maintenance, funding arrangements and motivation for these programs - Canada, USA PDF  
Lynette WILLIAMSON, Lynette 2003 To study exhibitions designed for a youth audience and assess the use of web delivery to engage youth for delivery of related programs - U.K., Canada PDF  
Bronwen ACKERMANN, Bronwen 2002 To establish a health curriculum in music schools as well as further develop clinical skills in assessing and treating musicians by investigating practices used by performing arts health clinics - Germany, USA, Canada, U.K., Finland PDF  
Jim GRANT, Jim 2002 To investigate structures, systems, programmes and courses that produce or enhance Environmental Leadership - U.K., Netherlands, Frankfurt, Switzerland PDF  
Maree JAMIESON, Maree 2002 To visit a variety of agricultural centres and exhibitions to determine how different groups deliver programmes to school children and the general public - U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
Ian McKAY, Ian 2002 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to explore the conceptual structure of a future school and the role of a Principal in an online environment with emphasis on the potential social impact of online learning communities in rural and remote areas - USA, Ca PDF  
Karen MOLHUYSEN, Karen 2002 To examine the relationship between school based sexuality education and adolescent sexual behaviour, in particular adolescent pregnancy and safe sex practices - U.K., Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands PDF  
Nehama PATKIN OAM, Nehama 2002 To access organisations which provide high quality educational orchestral programmes for children - USA PDF  
Jordan RACE, Jordan 2002 To ascertain how information and communications technology is used in delivering education - Singapore
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