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Fellow Year Project Report
Nancy DEVLIN, Nancy 2000 To study educational support programs for students of secondary age with significant disabilities in mainstream high schools and to visit support programs for students with special needs or giftedness in remote indigenous communities in North America and Wales. PDF  
Libby (Elizabeth) PETERSON, Libby (Elizabeth) 2000 To study high school peer counselling programmes as effective interventions for supporting troubled and victimised youth - Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden PDF  
David PRICE, David 2000 To investigate the applicability of the Rural Challenge Programm (RCP) to WA - USA. Partially sponsored by WA Department of Education and Services
Paul STOLZ, Paul 2000 To investigate adventure and wilderness therapy for adolescents - USA, Canada PDF  
Timothy MOES, Timothy 1999 To study the efficiency and effectiveness of distance education - Canada PDF  
Harriet OLNEY, Harriet 1999 To investigate school programmes which support students with significant social and educational problems without losing sight of academic goals - USA, Canada, U.K.
Debra WHITE, Debra 1998 The Elvie Munday Churchill Fellowship to study ways of teaching young students who are blind or visually impaired - USA PDF  
Carolyn COOPER, Carolyn 1997 To study multidisciplinary management programmes for children with learning disabilities - USA, UK PDF  
Sylvia KOLARIK, Sylvia 1997 To investigate the structures and programs offered in world renowned specialist schools for gifted students in the performing arts - UK, USA
Robert DIXON, Robert 1996 To study the provision of innovative educational and vocational programmes for juveniles in detention - USA, Canada, UK,
Jayne SIMPSON, Jayne 1996 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study speech, language and educational programmes for children with impaired hearing - Canada, USA PDF  
Heather WILLIAMS, Heather 1995 To study the integration of autistic children into regular schools, the effects of this on the family and to research courses available to teachers of autistic children - Singapore, UK, South Africa
Dianne RANKIN, Dianne 1992 To undertake research on the maximisation of potential of gifted children - USA, Germany
Glenn CAPELLI, Glenn 1989 To study at the Society for Accelerated Learning and Teaching in order to relate the teaching to fostering self-esteem in youth - USA
James DEXTER, James 1989 To study museum education programmes with particular emphasis upon the development of extension services, integration with educational curriculum, services for disabled persons and childrens' courses - USA PDF  
Nerida OUTHRED, Nerida 1985 To study developments in remedial applications of computer assisted learning for children - USA, Canada, UK
Adele RICE AM, Adele 1984 To study developments in the teaching of English as a second language - UK, France PDF  
Pauline ELLIS, Pauline 1982 To study the means by which retarded children and those with multiple handicaps can be successfully integrated into schools for non-handicapped children - USA, Canada
Elizabeth MURRAY, Elizabeth 1982 To study developments and programmes in the education of minority groups and the teaching of English as a second language - UK, USA, Canada
Raymond ROSSER, Raymond 1982 To study developments in secondary and post-secondary education and in services provided for the deaf and the hearing impaired - UK
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