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Fellow Year Project Report
Damien O'SULLIVAN, Damien 2009 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate the role of perennial crops and managed grazing for carbon sequestration in grazing land - USA, Argentina, UK PDF  
Nina ROGERS, Nina 2009 To study regional partnerships and collaborative programs for enhanced local government adaptation to climate change - UK, Belgium, Canada, USA PDF  
Corinne UNGER, Corinne 2009 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study abandoned mine rehabilitation and post-mining land use - Austria, Germany, UK, Canada PDF  
Andrew BEST, Andrew 2008 To study the impact of Environmental Education in engaging children, particularly Indigenous students, in the learning process - U.K., USA PDF  
Lisa BROWN, Lisa 2008 To investigate food and waste collection and processing to prevent waste disposal and climate change - UK, Belgium, Norway, Canada, USA PDF  
Benjamin HARDAKER, Benjamin 2008 To study the remediation of asbestos-contaminated soils - U.K., Netherlands, USA PDF  
Charles LOVICK, Charles 2008 To further my knowledge of nature based, heritage and eco tourism - USA, Canada, UK, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria PDF  
Benjamin NICHOLSON, Benjamin 2008 To investigate building facade design and rooftops that transform city buildings into functioning ecosystems - U.K., Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore PDF  
Giuliano PEREZ, Giuliano 2008 To investigate edible school gardens as hubs for community food production, their link to school curriculum and environmental education - U.K., USA, Cuba, Argentina, New Zealand PDF  
Michael SMITH, Michael 2008 To investigate climate change adaptation for effective management of freshwater environments - Botswana, U.K., Canada, USA, Brazil PDF  
Jeremy THOMAS, Jeremy 2008 To study the quantifying of risk and management of trees in public places - Singapore, U.K., USA PDF  
Michael WHITE, Michael 2008 To investigate the delivery of urban renewal programs - USA, U.K., Netherlands, Sweden PDF  
Tammy CAPOCCHI (NOW HUNTER), Tammy 2007 To gain knowledge and understanding of traditional Indigenous practices relating to Natural Resource Management - New Zealand, Canada, USA PDF  
Raymond CRANFIELD, Raymond 2007 To study historical lichen collections and community participation in lichen surveys and collections - U.K., Sweden PDF  
Roger GROOCOCK, Roger 2007 The Ron Badman Family Churchill Fellowship to study the health and productivity improvement of sandy soil - Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, U.K., USA PDF  
Debra MacKEEN, Debra 2007 To study sustainable management systems and markets for recovered waste materials - New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Canada PDF  
Alisa MOSS, Alisa 2007 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study design aspects relating to indoor environment quality and healthy buildings - Denmark, USA, Germany, U.K. PDF  
Andrew NIXON, Andrew 2007 To study Park Ranger induction and initial training programs - U.K., Canada, USA, Argentina PDF  
Morgan PRATCHETT, Morgan 2007 The Quicksilver Connections Churchill Fellowship to study stable isotope methodologies and advanced technologies to further understanding of the trophic links between corals and fish - U.K. PDF  
Daniel THOMPSON, Daniel 2007 To study hybrid power systems for remote communities and towns - USA, Canada, U.K., France, Norway PDF  
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