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Fellow Year Project Report
Deborah NIAS, Deborah 2011 To assess the role of community-based water trusts in the future of the Murray-Darling Basin - USA PDF  
Richard STUART-SMITH, Richard 2011 To investigate the establishment of a marine research and conservation network of scientifically-trained volunteer divers - Seychelles, Maldives, Tanzania, Bonaire, UK PDF  
Marilyn CONNELL, Marilyn 2010 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to research endangered river turtle conservation projects and enterprises that are community based and multi-faceted - Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, United Arab Emirates PDF  
Geoffrey LAW AM, Geoffrey 2010 To explore the challenges facing temperate forests in World Heritage Areas - USA, Japan, Slovakia PDF  
Dion LESTER, Dion 2010 To investigate land use planning approaches for the establishment and facilitation of urban agriculture - UK, Cuba, Canada PDF  
Helen LOCHHEAD, Helen 2010 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study recent models of urban regeneration that demonstrate a holistic approach to climate change and sustainability - UK, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada PDF  
Catherine MARDELL, Catherine 2010 To review methods of fuel assessment and the tools used to measure and predict the accumulation of fuels in natural landscapes - USA, Canada PDF  
Declan PAGE, Declan 2010 To assess natural treatment systems for Australian applications in water supply and water recycling - United Arab Emirates, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA PDF  
Anna ROSE, Anna 2010 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to research youth peer-to-peer climate change education projects - USA, China, UK PDF  
Travis TIDDY, Travis 2010 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to conduct research into post-industrial sites for community development and geo-tourism opportunities - Italy, Germany, Spain, UK PDF  
Paul DONATIU, Paul 2009 To study the impact of climate change on rare plants with emphasis on identifying and protecting climate refugia - USA, South Africa, UK, Spain, Italy PDF  
William FARGHER, William 2009 To undertake a comparative study of international water policy and management arrangements to inform the next generation of water reform in Australia - USA, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Jordan, Sri Lanka PDF  
Kenneth HORRIGAN, Kenneth 2009 To research the application of environmental ratings systems and energy efficiency measures to heritage buildings - Canada, U.K., USA PDF  
David McCARTHY, David 2009 To investigate treatment technologies to reduce the risks of reusing urban stormwater - USA, Canada PDF  
Simon NAGEON DE LESTANG, Simon 2009 To investigate key issues faced by highly exploited crustacean fisheries in relation to climate change - USA, Mexico, Cuba PDF  
Damien O'SULLIVAN, Damien 2009 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate the role of perennial crops and managed grazing for carbon sequestration in grazing land - USA, Argentina, UK PDF  
Nina ROGERS, Nina 2009 To study regional partnerships and collaborative programs for enhanced local government adaptation to climate change - UK, Belgium, Canada, USA PDF  
Corinne UNGER, Corinne 2009 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study abandoned mine rehabilitation and post-mining land use - Austria, Germany, UK, Canada PDF  
Andrew BEST, Andrew 2008 To study the impact of Environmental Education in engaging children, particularly Indigenous students, in the learning process - U.K., USA PDF  
Lisa BROWN, Lisa 2008 To investigate food and waste collection and processing to prevent waste disposal and climate change - UK, Belgium, Norway, Canada, USA PDF  
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