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Fellow Year Project Report
Catherine Swetenham, Catherine 2017 To successfully implement an End of Life care strategy for South Australia - UK, Ireland, Canada PDF  
Greg Turner, Greg 2017 To gain knowledge to further support the mental health of refugees settling in Australia - USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, UK PDF  
Leigh Waddell, Leigh 2017 To learn the latest genomic analytical tools for genetic diagnosis of rare neuromuscular disorders - USA PDF  
Deborah West, Deborah 2017 To explore aphasia therapies which optimise communication from hospital to home post stroke - USA, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal PDF  
Lara Wieland, Lara 2017 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to learn and apply lessons on how to recruit, retain and care for health professionals in rural health - Canada PDF  
Felicity Zempilas, Felicity 2017 To achieve best practice in the Western Australian Mental Health Court - USA PDF  
Caitlin Weston, Caitlin 2016 To explore strategies that improve doctors' wellbeing, optimising their mental health and productivity - USA, Canada, Belgium PDF  
Jennifer Beveridge, Jennifer 2016 To explore how innovation and collaboration can improve outcomes for people with eating disorders - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Kate Cole, Kate 2016 To investigate best practice to prevent illness and disease in tunnel construction workers - Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA PDF  
Jennifer Cottrell, Jennifer 2016 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative rheumatic heart disease prevention strategies and apply them to Australia - New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Kenya PDF  
Fiona Donaldson, Fiona 2016 To evaluate evidence based resilience and prevention programs for use in emergency services - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Ian Drayton, Ian 2016 To explore the use of creative arts to manage and promote recovery from Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - UK, USA PDF  
Megan Gilmour, Megan 2016 To investigate education system models for maintaining school connection for seriously sick children - UK, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Belgium PDF  
Susan Gontaszewski, Susan 2016 To investigate the implementation of online prescription monitoring programs - Canada, USA PDF  
Margy Green, Margy 2016 To research the benefits of engaging with families and carers of patients in a high secure forensic hospital - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Robyn Grote, Robyn 2016 The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to study methods for optimising adult physical rehabilitation using 3-dimensional motion analysis in Specialist Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care Centre - USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands PDF  
Beck Hefferon, Beck 2016 To investigate the application of physiotherapy to improve rehabilitation, quality of life and patient care after amputation - USA, Sweden, Germany, UK PDF  
Melanie Jansen, Melanie 2016 To enrich and inform development of paediatric clinical ethics services in Australia - Italy, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Cathryn Josif, Cathryn 2016 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to improve dementia services for remote dwelling Aboriginal people - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Cameron Matthews, Cameron 2016 To research and develop improved sustainability practices for high end restaurants and food outlets - Spain, USA, Denmark, UK PDF  
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