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Fellow Year Project Report
Philip MILLAR, Philip 1993 To study advances in puppet design, construction and manipulation for television, film and theatre - USA, UK
Alana VALENTINE, Alana 1993 To study the writing and production of radio drama - UK, Ireland
Nigel HOPKINS, Nigel 1992 To undertake an intensive Indonesian language course followed by a period of attachment to an Indonesian newspaper in order to explore ways to diminish cultural, social and political barriers - Indonesia
Barbara MASEL, Barbara 1991 To broaden practical experience and understanding of the role and responsibilities of the script editor in film and television - UK
Jane MUNDAY, Jane 1991 To study media training courses at police colleges and police media liaison for major crimes and incidents such as earthquakes, air crashes and traffic crashes - UK, USA, Canada
Linden WOODWARD, Linden 1991 To visit national broadcasters to study science broadcasting, particularly for a youth audience - Denmark, Sweden, Finland
Heather STEEN, Heather 1990 To study the production of radio programmes for children - UK, Finland, Netherlands
Barbara BIGGINS OAM, Barbara 1989 To study and discuss the effectiveness of regulatory measures for the control of childrens' television - Canada, USA
Andrew KEENAN, Andrew 1989 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study current methods of understanding, investigating and tackling corruption, with particular emphasis on organised crime's dependence on corruption and the role of investigative journalism in exposing corruption PDF  
Bruce PASCOE, Bruce 1987 To develop professional skills by working with editors of internationally acclaimed magazines in order to improve the opportunities available for publication to Australian short story writers - Singapore, Italy, UK, Canada, USA
David YOUNG, David 1987 To bring back to Australia knowledge of the latest methods of disseminating horticultural advice by radio, television, telephone, press and literature - UK, Netherlands, USA
Neale KEMP, Neale 1985 To study electronic pagination and composition printing systems - Germany, UK, USA PDF  
Lindsay McMILLAN OAM, Lindsay 1985 To study radio reading broadcast services for the print handicapped - USA, UK
Geoffrey WILKINSON OAM, Geoffrey 1985 To study developments in police media relations with particular emphasis on police/community involvement initiatives - USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong
Donald PALMER, Donald 1983 To undertake study in the Religious Department at the BBC in London, attend the Eighth International Christian TV Week in Dublin, and to study developments in religious broadcasting - UK, USA, Italy
Bruce EMSLEY, Bruce 1982 To study methods of recording sound effects and natural history sounds and programmes to educate people of all ages to listen to the sounds around us - UK, USA
Alexander GREIG, Alexander 1982 To examine methods of media communication directed at young school leavers and to inform them of information vital for their successful assimilation into the community - UK, Sweden
Russell MCKINNON, Russell 1971 To study in the religious field, the latest techniques in television and radio - Italy, UK, Switzerland PDF  
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