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Fellow Year Project Report
Alasdair Roy OAM, Alasdair 2015 To examine the characteristics of successful child safe/child friendly policy and practice - Iceland, Norway, Sweden PDF  
Claire Seppings, Claire 2015 To study the rehabilitative role of ex-prisoners/offenders as peer mentors in reintegration models - UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA PDF  
Dave Stevens, Dave 2015 To address root causes of disengagement of 'at-risk' students with reference to family dysfunction - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
David Taylor, David 2015 To research models of commercial culinary training/social enterprises for disadvantaged people - Singapore, USA PDF  
Jodie Zada, Jodie 2015 To study family inclusive programs in the mental health treatment of Defence force members - USA, Canada PDF  
Kylie Beckhouse, Kylie 2014 To investigate the administration, delivery and current innovations in legal representation schemes for children - USA, UK PDF  
Jennifer Bowles , Jennifer 2014 To review options for residential therapeutic treatment for young people suffering substance abuse/mental illness - New Zealand, UK, Sweden PDF  
Kate Dolan, Kate 2014 To investigate Managed Alcohol Programs for the homeless - USA, Canada, UK, Spain PDF  
Eleanore Fritze, Eleanore 2014 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to better protect the human rights and dignity of people with disabilities, who are detained and subjected to compulsory treatment in closed environments, through the use of innovative legal services - USA, UK, Hungary PDF  
Debbie Georgopoulos, Debbie 2014 To investigate social housing waiting lists to prioritise assistance for homeless people - Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK PDF  
David Glazebrook, David 2014 To investigate how organisations provide support and education to people with disabilities and mental illness so they can have positive, lasting and respectful relationships and partnerships - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Alix Goodwin, Alix 2014 To identify programs that prevent abuse of people with disabilities who use direct payments to purchase services - UK, Sweden PDF  
Jonathan Graham, Jonathan 2014 To investigate non-court based models for resolution of post separation parenting when one parent is also a perpetrator of family violence - UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Leanne Hodyl, Leanne 2014 To investigate planning policies that deliver positive social outcomes in hyper-dense, high-rise residential environments - USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea PDF  
Belinda Liddell, Belinda 2014 To establish links between brain imaging evidence and human rights/refugee frameworks - USA, Denmark, Switzerland PDF  
Robyn MacRae, Robyn 2014 The Blakeney Millar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of photography programs to increase educational outcomes and community involvement of disadvantaged youth in both rural and urban areas - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Julia Mansour, Julia 2014 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate the situation of women defendants in domestic violence incidents in comparable legal jurisdictions - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Molly O'Shaughnessy, Molly 2014 The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative youth homelessness programs - UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Ellen Poyner, Ellen 2014 To investigate family violence and sexual assault prevention approaches, programs and evaluations - USA, Canada PDF  
Jacqueline Reed, Jacqueline 2014 To improve life outcomes for young people transitioning from statutory care to independence - Netherlands, France, UK PDF  
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