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Fellow Year Project Report
John ARNFIELD, John 1999 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to learn the latest developments in high speed dough development - UK
Gary CROSBIE, Gary 1999 To improve knowledge and understanding of abnormal foot conditions in the horse and gain experience in advanced, specialised shoeing - USA, UK, Sweden
Bob EDWARDS, Bob 1999 To study collarmaking and harnessing and upgrade technical skills, coaching methods and judging standards for Australian carriage driving to reach international levels - U.K., USA, Canada
Tony KENWAY, Tony 1998 To study the design, manufacture and export of fine furniture - Japan, Italy, UK, Spain, USA PDF  
Denis HARFORD, Denis 1997 To study theatrical wig-making and make-up - UK, France
Chris O'ROURKE, Chris 1997 To study artistic blacksmithing - USA PDF  
Mark BACZYNSKI, Mark 1996 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the reduction of product wastage within the baking industry - USA, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, UK
Justin CRISP, Justin 1996 To gain first hand knowledge of the production of fine furniture by master craftsmen - UK, France PDF  
Craig DREW, Craig 1996 To study the production of wrought iron - USA PDF  
Andrew McDONALD, Andrew 1996 To study the manufacturing and marketing of handcrafted footwear and the training of footwear craftspeople - UK, France, USA PDF  
Wolf-Dietrich VON KEHLER, Wolf-Dietrich 1995 The Horological Guild Churchill Fellowship to undertake an advanced training programme at WOSTEP for watchmakers - Switzerland
Christopher HOWE, Christopher 1994 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to learn about the manufacture and use of adobe bricks (mudbricks) - USA
Michael BRENNAN, Michael 1993 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the possibilities of reducing the calorific value of baked goods by decreasing the levels of fat, oil and sugar - Netherlands, Denmark
Deborah TRANTER, Deborah 1993 To investigate coach building, wheelwrighting and the restoration of horse drawn vehicles - USA
Monica WILLIS, Monica 1993 To further develop skills as a theatrical tailor - UK
William BRINKLEY, William 1990 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the production methods and ingredient technology of frozen doughs - USA
Anthony POLLARD, Anthony 1989 The Kern Corporation Churchill Fellowship to study recent developments in the design and construction of modern building forms with particular emphasis on prefabricated technology - Hong Kong, USA
Stewart ROWE, Stewart 1989 To investigate traditional Japanese methods for making iron and steel and traditional and modern forging methods used by master smiths - Japan, USA
David WILDING, David 1989 To obtain further knowledge in the techniques of "lost wax" bronze casting and in particular the methods applied in the casting of bells - UK, Italy, Nepal, USA
Andrew MARKERINK, Andrew 1988 To attend a course in Switzerland for persons who are qualified watchmakers and to visit workshops to derive skills and knowledge for the restoration of antique watches and clocks - Switzerland, Netherlands, UK
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