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Fellow Year Project Report
Simon GINN, Simon 1995 To examine Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems - USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands
Daniel KENNEDY, Daniel 1995 The Qantas Churchill Fellowship to study air safety practices - UK, USA PDF  
Chris TOWNSEND, Chris 1995 To study overseas helicopter safety courses, researching insurance underwriters requirements and training programmes for the Australian helicopter industry - USA, Netherlands, UK, South Africa
Nigel BELL, Nigel 1994 To study "Placemaking" - Ecological design within sensitive environments - USA, Canada, UK
Miles CURRINGTON, Miles 1994 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study and practice as a helicopter emergency and medical services pilot - USA PDF  
Perry FORSYTHE, Perry 1993 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study the various methods used for procurement of medium density housing - Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Canada PDF  
Randolph GRIFFITHS, Randolph 1993 To examine the Docklands Re-development of London in order to ensure that both the positive and negative lessons learned from its planning and social impacts can be applied to the Pyrmont/Ultimo project - UK
Martin HOLLOWAY, Martin 1991 To study the most modern methods and techniques being used in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents - USA, UK
Charles JOHNSON, Charles 1991 The Kern Corporation Churchill Fellowship to carry out a post construction analysis of three leading urban renewal projects - UK, Canada, USA
Louis RAE, Louis 1991 To study tourist railways and transport museums and carry out historical research on Tasmanian railway records - UK
Alan CHENOWETH, Alan 1989 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to evaluate site planning, design and development of projects and current overseas trends in housing, with emphasis on reconciling the diverse needs of tenants - USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden
Barry DUCK, Barry 1989 To investigate all areas of concern relating to the storage and transportation of hazardous materials - USA, UK, Netherlands
Philip HOGAN, Philip 1988 The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust Churchill Fellowship to study aspects of helicopter ambulance services and their application to the current services available in Australia - France, Germany, Canada, USA
William GOODWIN, William 1987 To observe management practices and techniques in large transport organisations so as to improve the New South Wales State Rail System - Japan, Sweden, Germany, UK
Andrew MARSHALL, Andrew 1986 To study the restoration and operation of historic locomotives and apply the knowledge to Victoria's Puffing Billy Railway - UK PDF  
Peter SAVAGE, Peter 1983 To study the development of para-transport systems for the aged and disabled - USA, Canada, UK
Charles BADHAM, Charles 1982 To study British developments in short and medium term boating weather forecasts and the methods of conveying these to the crews of small sea-going craft - UK
Edward STRICKLAND, Edward 1982 To study developments in transport services and the design of accessible public transport for use by mobility disadvantaged persons - USA, Canada
Paul TANNER, Paul 1982 To study developments in professional air pilot training facilities and techniques - USA
Jack SACH, Jack 1980 To study overseas developments in bicycle planning, including engineering, education and enforcement programmes - Netherlands, Sweden, USA
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