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Fellow Year Project Report
Mark HEWSON, Mark 2006 To study architectural glass installation, design and developments - USA, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, U.K., New Zealand PDF  
Glenda HYLAND-REID, Glenda 2006 To study community cultural development and community arts projects for people with a disability - U.K., USA PDF  
Janet LAURENCE, Janet 2006 To research and document environmental art that has been successfully integrated into architecture and landscape, creating works that are potent, interpretive, informative as well as being experiential and engaging spaces - Germany, France, Italy, U.K., F PDF  
Kaye PENDLETON, Kaye 2006 To obtain the necessary computer skills to produce professional DVD's and publications to preserve and make available a photographic history of Norfolk Island and its people - Australia PDF  
Lisa COLEMAN, Lisa 2005 To study the life and influence of Australian picture editor and writer Norman Hall - U.K., France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, USA PDF  
John ELLIOTT, John 2005 To study social documentary photography and publishing to further highlight the Australian bush and Australian country music history - USA PDF  
Jolly READ, Jolly 2005 To study indigenous story telling through theatre/arts/literature involving native title/land rights, determination issues and traditional cultural stories - Canada, USA
Shannon GARSON, Shannon 2004 To study ceramic decoration through attendance at Masterclasses and a tour of the great ceramic collections of these countries - U.K., Italy, France PDF  
Lesley JENKINS, Lesley 2004 To investigate cultural and heritage projects featuring oral history with emphasis on training and documentation techniques, support programs for volunteers and oral history collection management procedures - U.K., USA PDF  
Gerard DOYLE, Gerard 2003 To research models of disability-led community building and environmental design, particularly the contexts of transforming environments through the arts from adaptive technology to local community/international events - USA, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Jill KINNEAR PhD, Jill 2003 To study the diverse historical influences of decoration within Spanish architecture and textile design and to consider the relationship of contemporary outcomes to the multicultural Australian built environment - Spain PDF  
Elizabeth LAMONT, Elizabeth 2003 To study traditional and contemporary drawing practices with emphasis on the use of fabric in women's costume in art works of the 15th Century Italian Renaissance masters - USA, France, Italy PDF  
Leonie NEWTON, Leonie 2003 To study advanced stained glass techniques - Australia PDF  
Andrew OVERTON, Andrew 2003 To investigate the role and integration of public art in urban design and redevelopment - USA, Canada, U.K., Spain PDF  
Mark SELKRIG, Mark 2003 To study how artists work both individually and collectively with communities/organisations to assist in making communities dynamic and vibrant places - U.K., Sweden, Finland PDF  
Irene SUTHERLAND, Irene 2003 To visit children's museums to see how children's picture book illustrations could be displayed and marketed in a way that invites children to interact with them in order to extend their learning experience - USA, France, Germany, U.K. PDF  
Morley GRAINGER, Morley 2002 To further develop my skills and vision by working with narrative artists - USA, U.K. PDF  
Melissa JOHNSON, Melissa 2002 To study innovative conservation techniques and strategies for rock art, as well as the sites and landscapes containing them - USA, Portugal, Spain, France PDF  
Jen McVEITY, Jen 2002 To establish contact with publishing houses and agents to facilitate direct channels between Australian creators and American publishing houses - USA PDF  
Cedar PREST AM, Cedar 2002 To study contemporary techniques for working in community arts with a focus on practices which promote art as healing and which concentrate on the development of personal creative expression as a means of blocking chronic pain and increasing the quality o PDF  
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