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Fellow Year Project Report
Jennifer GRIGG, Jennifer 2003 To study how certain rural communities are able to develop economic opportunities and prospects, the value and structure of cooperatives and the culture of entrepreneurship for sustainable development - Canada, USA, Ireland PDF  
Jeanie HALL , Jeanie 2003 To study how Rural Development Partnerships have assisted disaster affected regions rebuild into resilient sustainable communities through the grant making process - U.K., USA PDF  
Stuart THORN, Stuart 2003 To develop regional capacity through community-based enterprise with emphasis on shared workshops and business incubator enterprises - Spain, USA, U.K. PDF  
Gregory MELLIS, Gregory 2002 The Rotary Club of Canberra Churchill Fellowship to study the operation of projects designed to develop and support young social entrepreneurs in order to implement a Community Action Centre that will provide a centralised facility for projects whose work PDF  
Renata RINGIN, Renata 2002 To undertake a study of retail civil recovery programmes and legislation - NZ, USA, U.K. PDF  
Andrew WEST, Andrew 2002 To investigate indigenous economic development projects that promote economic self-determination and penetration of mainstream business systems, networks and culture - New Zealand, Canada, Norway PDF  
Stephen McGARRIGLE, Stephen 2002 To undertake a comparative analysis of a range of International Leadership programmes specifically designed for leaders in non-profit settings - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Hugh PACKARD, Hugh 2002 The Blakeney Millar Churchill Fellowship to examine rural employment options, particularly within modern timber industries, for people with disabilities - USA, Canada, Sweden PDF  
Bernie RIEGLER, Bernie 2002 To research the automotive service industry's cleaner production initiatives and implementation strategies for practical application in Australia via the "Green Stamp Programme" - U.K., Germany, Austria PDF  
Mark SWANN, Mark 2002 To determine and evaluate the different styles of grape sale contracts between wineries and grape growers in the major world wine producing regions - USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain PDF  
Benjamin FARGHER, Benjamin 2001 To study successful farm adjustment policies overseas in order to contribute directly to the more effective management of change in rural and regional Australia - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France PDF  
Frances MACLENNAN, Frances 2001 To investigate the revitalisation of rural communities through strategic planning and community group facilitation skills - Canada, USA, France PDF  
George MATCHETT, George 2001 To ascertain the requirements necessary to establish and administer a "carob grower's co-operative" and source out promotional, managerial, technical data and machinery to establish an associated value-adding processing mill - Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Malta PDF  
Fij MILLER, Fij 2001 To investigate cost effective conflict resolution procedures between government and small business for implementation by the Office of the Small Business Advocate - UK, Ireland, USA PDF  
Maria SIMONELLI, Maria 2001 To determine the motivational factors at work for organisations endeavouring to integrate environmental principles into their business objectives - USA, Canada PDF  
Phillip KEMP, Phillip 2000 To study ways to improve the provision of services and support to small and medium enterprises - UK PDF  
Anthony LUPI, Anthony 2000 To study trends in Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) as practiced by major corporations and philanthropic foundations - USA, Canada
Jennifer WALLACE, Jennifer 2000 To study business incubator facilities and business development programmes - USA, Canada PDF  
Catherine MAHONY, Catherine 1999 To train in theoretical and practical aspects of social auditing - Ireland
Richard WARNER AM, Richard 1999 To investigate employment creation programmes for implementation in rural areas - Ireland, U.K., Germany, Belgium
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