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Fellow Year Project Report
Karen Kyriakou, Karen 2012 To study inclusive music for deaf children - UK, Czech Republic PDF  
Nicholas Marlow, Nicholas 2012 To examine the use of simulation in graduate entry healthcare training - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Gemma McKinnon, Gemma 2012 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to examine programs run by universities and other bodies to assist in entry to law school and to support Indigenous students throughout the course of their studies - Canada, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Margaret Mulcahy, Margaret 2012 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to assess environments which successfully re-engage and re-ignite learning in middle year (10-15 years) students - Finland, UK, USA PDF  
Corey Payne, Corey 2012 To research culturally diverse ambition and aspiration building programs that inspire youth of low socioeconomic status or disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their studies - South Africa, UK, Spain, Brazil PDF  
Tania Porter, Tania 2012 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to research innovative collaborative early childhood educator training programs in Indigenous communities - Canada, USA PDF  
Sherryl Searles, Sherryl 2012 To facilitate the development of a training program for delivery of a novel psychosocial intervention to enhance end of life care - New Zealand, Canada, UK PDF  
Waverley Stanley AM, Waverley 2012 The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies aimed at making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children through education and training - South Africa PDF  
Elisabeth Turner, Elisabeth 2012 The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation Churchill Fellowship to visit Microsoft Worldwide schools to investigate innovative leadership, ICT and global learning - Korean Republic, Singapore, Malaysia PDF  
Michelle Wheeler, Michelle 2012 To study international approaches to comparative multi-jurisdictional performance reporting in education - France, Belgium, UK PDF  
Colin Wood, Colin 2012 To investigate the use of immersive learning technologies to support mainstream and distance learning - Singapore, Finland, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Nicholas Wyman, Nicholas 2012 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to study new approaches to engage young Australians in skilled careers - Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK PDF  
Louise Zarmati, Louise 2012 To study innovative museum and heritage education programs that use archaeological excavation methods to engage primary and secondary students in the study of history - UK, Ireland, Croatia, USA PDF  
Larry BRANDY, Larry 2011 To investigate strategies for increasing the number of Indigenous students at universities - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Michelle BROWN, Michelle 2011 To implement sustainable Conductive Hearing Loss programs for Aboriginal students and their communities - Canada PDF  
Karen BURKE da SILVA, Karen 2011 The Phyllis Primrose Whyte Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods of teaching science at the undergraduate university level - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Natasha CHISHOLM, Natasha 2011 To explore successful models of school to work transition and alternative school programs for Indigenous students - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Jennifer CUNNINGHAM, Jennifer 2011 To research various community engagement strategies that promote sustained environmental stewardship - USA, Canada PDF  
Shelda DEBOWSKI, Shelda 2011 To investigate capabilities and frameworks to support university researcher development - UK, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Mark (Richard) GLASCODINE, Mark (Richard) 2011 To improve career advisory support to disabled students while at university - UK PDF  
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