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Fellow Year Project Report
Seyi Onitiri, Seyi 2019 To evaluate the suitability of programs for self represented litigants for Australian courts - USA
Nicola Palfrey, Nicola 2019 To understand how to make exposure to trauma and adversity in childhood a public health issue - USA, UK
Cameron Paterson, Cameron 2019 To investigate the Creating Cultures of Thinking framework developed at Harvard's Project Zero - USA
Cara Peek, Cara 2019 The Community Sector Banking Churchill Fellowship to improve the social, emotional and economic well being of Indigenous Australian people - Brazil, USA, Canada
Joanne Philipson, Joanne 2019 To make a comparative assessment of strategies to effectively manage prosecution disclosure - UK, Canada, USA
Jennifer Pontre, Jennifer 2019 To gain experience in the management of endometriosis worldwide through observerships and courses - United Arab Emirates, France, Belgium, Italy, USA
Olivia Powell, Olivia 2019 To advance specialist family violence therapeutic service provision for children in Australia - USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK
Anastasia Read, Anastasia 2019 The Churchill Fellows Association of South Australia Churchill Fellowship to investigate family preservation programs in child protection space for Aboriginal families - USA, Canada, Sweden, Belgium
Michael Reid, Michael 2019 To investigate community-led programs that support the management of weeds and pest animals - New Zealand, USA, UK, South Africa
Anna Reynolds, Anna 2019 To investigate art textile hubs, focusing on sustainable manufacturing and global markets - Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, UK
Yvette Roe, Yvette 2019 To investigate innovative strategies for Indigenous community engagement in maternity services - Canada
Amy Rogers, Amy 2019 To investigate the effectiveness of gender pay equity legislation and regulatory frameworks - UK, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, New Zealand
Kim Samuel, Kim 2019 To explore innovative options for disability housing that focus on user-choice and self-determination - USA
Adam Sandford, Adam 2019 To study indigenous social housing and ownership models and delivery services - Canada
Graham Sattler, Graham 2019 To evaluate international best-practice Musical Inclusion models for application in Australia - Armenia, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, USA
Jennifer Schumann, Jennifer 2019 To investigate effective public health policies for preventing opioid misuse - USA, Canada
Alphonsus Shields, Alphonsus 2019 The ANZSOG Churchill Fellowship to promote indigenous employees groups in middle management positions within government - New Zealand, USA, Canada
Ceri Skamp, Ceri 2019 To investigate the impact of rapport building and environment on interviews for victims of child abuse - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, China, Philippines
Matthew Smith, Matthew 2019 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to improve the military transition process through education opportunities and employment outcomes - USA, Canada, UK, Israel
Christina Spargo, Christina 2019 To learn how to teach Taiko (Japanese drumming) to people living with dementia - Japan, USA, Germany, UK
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