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Fellow Year Project Report
Benjamin HARDAKER, Benjamin 2008 To study the remediation of asbestos-contaminated soils - U.K., Netherlands, USA PDF  
Charles LOVICK, Charles 2008 To further my knowledge of nature based, heritage and eco tourism - USA, Canada, UK, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria PDF  
Benjamin NICHOLSON, Benjamin 2008 To investigate building facade design and rooftops that transform city buildings into functioning ecosystems - U.K., Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore PDF  
Giuliano PEREZ, Giuliano 2008 To investigate edible school gardens as hubs for community food production, their link to school curriculum and environmental education - U.K., USA, Cuba, Argentina, New Zealand PDF  
Michael SMITH, Michael 2008 To investigate climate change adaptation for effective management of freshwater environments - Botswana, U.K., Canada, USA, Brazil PDF  
Jeremy THOMAS, Jeremy 2008 To study the quantifying of risk and management of trees in public places - Singapore, U.K., USA PDF  
Michael WHITE, Michael 2008 To investigate the delivery of urban renewal programs - USA, U.K., Netherlands, Sweden PDF  
Tammy CAPOCCHI (NOW HUNTER), Tammy 2007 To gain knowledge and understanding of traditional Indigenous practices relating to Natural Resource Management - New Zealand, Canada, USA PDF  
Raymond CRANFIELD, Raymond 2007 To study historical lichen collections and community participation in lichen surveys and collections - U.K., Sweden PDF  
Roger GROOCOCK, Roger 2007 The Ron Badman Family Churchill Fellowship to study the health and productivity improvement of sandy soil - Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, U.K., USA PDF  
Debra MacKEEN, Debra 2007 To study sustainable management systems and markets for recovered waste materials - New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Canada PDF  
Alisa MOSS, Alisa 2007 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study design aspects relating to indoor environment quality and healthy buildings - Denmark, USA, Germany, U.K. PDF  
Andrew NIXON, Andrew 2007 To study Park Ranger induction and initial training programs - U.K., Canada, USA, Argentina PDF  
Morgan PRATCHETT, Morgan 2007 The Quicksilver Connections Churchill Fellowship to study stable isotope methodologies and advanced technologies to further understanding of the trophic links between corals and fish - U.K. PDF  
Daniel THOMPSON, Daniel 2007 To study hybrid power systems for remote communities and towns - USA, Canada, U.K., France, Norway PDF  
Arron WOOD, Arron 2007 To review environmental education programs that have been replicated at a global level - USA, U.K., Switzerland PDF  
Michael BRAND, Michael 2006 To investigate innovative methods for supplementing water supplies, such as seawater desalination plants and wastewater recycling plants, for human consumption and/or industrial use - USA, West Indies, Spain, Singapore PDF  
Craig CLIFTON, Craig 2006 To study climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability in natural resource management - U.K., Germany, Austria, Canada, USA PDF  
Louise GILFEDDER OAM, Louise 2006 To investigate partnership models that encourage farmers to incorporate conservation into farming practices - USA, Canada PDF  
Bernard HOLLAND, Bernard 2006 To investigate how education systems institutionalise Ecological Sustainable Development - Canada, Sweden, Denmark, U.K., Ireland PDF  
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