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Fellow Year Project Report
Jeanette MAUGHAN, Jeanette 2004 The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to evaluate models of dispute resolution in child protection matters and to determine the relevance and applicability of those models to the Australian judicial child protection system - U.K., USA, Switzerland, Belgiu PDF  
Wendy MURRAY, Wendy 2004 To investigate successful innovations in tackling adult and juvenile recidivism - U.K., France, Norway, USA, Canada PDF  
Andrew SIMPSON, Andrew 2004 To examine the ways in which legal and related services ("elder law services") are co-ordinated and delivered to meet the needs of a growing elderly population - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Mark ANNS, Mark 2003 To examine drug treatment strategies related to the development of Drug Court Diversion programs - USA, U.K. PDF  
Shane DRUMGOLD, Shane 2003 To study restorative justice programs for indigenous offenders - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Ross FEENAN, Ross 2003 To study the assessment of offending behaviour and rehabilitation of offenders with a view to the Organisational Change Mechanisms required for the integration of new practices within current systems - New Zealand, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Amanda GEORGE, Amanda 2003 To assess the formal structures and informal constraints on the operation of women's prisoner committees in prisons - Canada, USA PDF  
Elibritt KARLSEN, Elibritt 2003 To investigate appeal mechanisms available to asylum seekers with the aim of improving their access to the Australian legal system with emphasis on statutory and convention interpretation, research methodology and procedural fairness principles - Switzerl PDF  
Seamus PARKER, Seamus 2003 To study trends in laws governing the management of water - Italy, U.K., USA, India PDF  
Elizabeth SHEARER, Elizabeth 2003 To study telephone legal advice services for low income and disadvantaged people - USA, U.K. PDF  
Paul SMITH, Paul 2003 To study the operation of specialised Domestic Violence Courts, especially with respect to Court ordered behaviour change programs - USA PDF  
Brian WYATT, Brian 2003 To study processes and outcome aspects of land use agreements noting strategies resolving competing land use needs for development, land management and cultural heritage for and with indigenous peoples - USA, Canada, South Africa PDF  
Theresa DAVIS, Theresa 2002 To investigate integrated response models aimed at increasing the reporting of and successful prosecution of sexual assault - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Bruce GRANT, Bruce 2002 To study the practical application of prevention programmes targeting juvenile offenders - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Hilary HANNAM, Hilary 2002 To study court programmes in which judges monitor offenders throughout the entire process, with particular emphasis on prevention of violence and alcohol abuse rehabilitation in indigenous communities - USA PDF  
John O'CALLAGHAN, John 2002 To study the feasibility of establishing a Sports Court in Victoria using the model of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the Olympic Movement's internal dispute resolution body - Switzerland, Canada PDF  
Paul SHAW, Paul 2002 To study the investigation and prosecution of offences involving corporations - U.K., USA PDF  
Kevin GARDNER, Kevin 2002 To investigate the effectiveness of sex offender registers (reporting schemes such as "Megan's Law") in crime prevention and the contribution of offender monitoring to improving community safety - U.K., Ireland, USA PDF  
Janice SHUARD PSM, Janice 2002 The Family and Children's Service Churchill Fellowship to study management and programmes for Indigenous youth and young women in custodial facilities - Canada PDF  
Tricia VELTHUIZEN, Tricia 2002 To study programmes which help child witnesses cope effectively with the pressures of the witness box in criminal trials - USA, Canada PDF  
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