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Fellow Year Project Report
Norman Reed, Norman 2014 To create the role of prison based Family Support Workers in Risdon Prison and recruit/develop a team of workers - Singapore, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France PDF  
Bernard Shakeshaft, Bernard 2014 The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to explore alternative organisational and funding models for programs supporting youth at risk - USA, Canada PDF  
Tory Shepherd, Tory 2014 To analyse how national inquiries into child sex abuse affect victims - UK, Ireland PDF  
Belinda Wainwright, Belinda 2014 The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to explore opportunities for improving education attainment for children with an out of home care experience, especially for Aboriginal children - Canada, USA PDF  
Lucy Adams, Lucy 2013 To address the negative impact of laws regulating public space on people experiencing homelessness - USA, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, UK PDF  
Jacqueline Barfoot, Jacqueline 2013 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate current evidence-based 'parent-child interaction' intervention methods for children with learning disabilities - USA, UK, Netherlands, Israel PDF  
Samuel Bayley, Samuel 2013 To investigate key factors that enable Indigenous communities to successfully manage natural resources and increase social capital - Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Canada PDF  
Paul Bridge, Paul 2013 The WA Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship to research models and programs that address challenges facing Indigenous men and their capacity to support their children into the future, and how schools can help support successful models - Canada PDF  
Pauline Brown, Pauline 2013 To use the kinship system to engage Aboriginal families with the National Disability Insurance Scheme commencing with the pilot in the Hunter region and then statewide - New Zealand, Canada PDF  
Lauren Caulfield, Lauren 2013 To research community-based safety projects and strategies to combat gender violence - USA PDF  
Carly Davenport, Carly 2013 The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to explore the use of Participatory Media toolkits by global Indigenous communities in bridging cultural, political and digital divides, conserve cultural diversity and build community leadership PDF  
Lisa Grant , Lisa 2013 To assist young people with disabilities who have been sexually abused to deal with that experience and likely impacts - Brazil, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Mitra Khakbaz, Mitra 2013 To improve economic participation for refugee women at risk to achieve integration - New Zealand, Canada, UK, Finland, Belgium PDF  
Deborah Kilroy OAM, Deborah 2013 To contribute to decarceration through identifying innovative alternatives to imprisonment which could be implemented in Australia - USA, Canada PDF  
Belinda Mawhinney, Belinda 2013 To identify the key strategies required for health services to effectively work together in response to children and young people at "risk of harm" - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Pauline McGrath, Pauline 2013 To review the delivery of counselling support for women undergoing new prenatal technology - UK, USA, Hong Kong PDF  
Sarma Rumbachs, Sarma 2013 To study the effectiveness of public sex offender registers and the impact on the community and policing - USA, UK PDF  
Lisa Simonetti, Lisa 2013 To investigate the benefits of Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinics as a midwifery/nursing led model of care for patients experiencing miscarriage or potential pregnancy loss - Singapore, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Kylie Agnew (nee Pointon), Kylie 2012 To study adventure therapy and crime prevention programs - Czech Republic, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Kylee Bates, Kylee 2012 To examine employer-driven initiatives that increase employment participation by people with disabilities - UK, Ireland, Denmark, USA PDF  
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