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Fellow Year Project Report
Mark PHILLIPS, Mark 1988 To gain experience, further technical skills and stimulation from a wide range of practising artisans and to study furniture design and making at Penland Institute for Craft and Haystack Mountain School of Craft - USA PDF  
Murray THOMPSON , Murray 1987 To increase skills in the art of gem cutting and display in order to improve the quality of this art in Australia - UK, USA, Germany, France
Robert WEIS, Robert 1987 To carry out investigative visits to prominent US artist blacksmiths in order to teach and apply the knowledge gained in Australia - USA
Kevin PERKINS AM, Kevin 1982 To study and observe the style and developments occurring in furniture designers/makers and Indigenous woodworkers - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Leon SADUBIN, Leon 1982 To study furniture making and woodcarving with a master craftsman - Denmark, Germany PDF  
Geoffrey HANNAH OAM, Geoffrey 1980 To study the hand crafted furniture marquetry and woodcarving of British and French Master craftsmen between the years 1635 and 1850 - UK, France PDF  
Brian HUXLEY, Brian 1975 To study the techniques of restoration of plaster work in early development buildings - UK, Singapore, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria
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