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Fellow Year Project Report
Lillian SMITH, Lillian 2002 To broaden my knowledge of textile art - USA PDF  
John STAFFORD, John 2002 To study public art commissioning processes and programmes with particular focus on high profile major commissions such as the public artwork for the September 11 Monument to recognise New York's Firefighters - USA
Jane CAVANOUGH, Jane 2002 To investigate the interface between contemporary public art, community and landscape - U.K., Netherlands, France PDF  
Gerry CUMMINS, Gerry 2002 To study methods of repainting shattered heritage stained glass - USA, France PDF  
Jillian DAVIS, Jillian 2002 To undertake an intensive study of the great muralists and contemporary mural developments and methods - Italy, USA
Berendina DE RUITER, Berendina 2002 To study stone carving in Pietrasanta at Studio Sem workshops/short workshops in Carrara - Italy PDF  
Paul MCSHANE, Paul 2002 To further Australia's fledgling involvement in the "booktown movement" by visiting booktown locations and meeting key individuals and academics - USA, Canada, U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Malaysia PDF  
Michael MITCHENER, Michael 2002 To observe arts and cultural management practices - Sweden, Germany, Italy, USA PDF  
Diane MOON, Diane 2002 To further my study and the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island fibre art - Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA PDF  
Tricia COONEY, Tricia 2001 To look at methods of fostering community involvement, workshop organisation and methods of large image construction in several large festival organisations - UK, France, Italy
Vanessa CRISP, Vanessa 2001 To investigate the production, marketing and distribution of calligraphic art products for Australian and overseas markets - UK, USA PDF  
Johanna DE MAINE, Johanna 2001 To study workplace health and safety issues together with the resultant working methods employed in industry, for the hand painted decoration of procelain and ceramics - UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Ireland PDF  
Sharyn HALL, Sharyn 2001 To research the transfer of photographic images, including computer manipulated/generated imagery, to fabric and the interpretation of similar images into stitch - Canada, USA, UK, Japan, France
Meliesa JUDGE, Meliesa 2001 To extend knowledge and broaden experience in foundry applications - France PDF  
John BENNETT AO, John 2000 To enable completion of a work of national biography "Lives of the Australian Chief Justices (1824-1900)" - UK, Bermuda, St Kitts PDF  
Noelene COLE, Noelene 2000 To study recording and managing rock art - India, Italy, France, Spain
David EVANS, David 2000 To study traditional woodcarving skills - Australia PDF  
Mike LADD, Mike 2000 To study contemporary British poetry and the production of cultural radio programmes - UK PDF  
Ilka WHITE, Ilka 2000 To observe and learn from craftspeople practicing traditional weaving methods - Indonesia, Philippines, India, Bhutan PDF  
Michael BORTON, Michael 1999 To study art nouveau, furniture carving, 3D figure carving, antique furniture restoration and conservation ' U.K., Austria, France, USA
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