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Fellow Year Project Report
Helen LIPTON, Helen 1996 To study quality assurance procedures at all stages of food production with particular reference to the Australian export market - Germany, Netherlands, France, UK
Henry RANKINE OAM, Henry 1996 To investigate ways to assist Indigenous people to achieve self sufficiency in business ventures - USA, Canada
Phillip BEEKHUIZEN, Phillip 1995 To study private and public institutions which promote labour/management co-operation in individual enterprises - USA, Germany, Japan
Stan GALE, Stan 1995 The AMP Churchill Fellowship to improve the quality of customer service in the insurance industry - Hong Kong, USA
Maggie RUTHERFORD, Maggie 1995 To study rehabilitation management systems with established motor accident compensation scheme administrators - Canada
Geoffrey HONEY, Geoffrey 1994 To study price risk management strategies with particular reference to family farm operations - USA
Murray MEATON AM, Murray 1994 To study the Canadian mineral royalty system used in five key development provinces - Canada (Supported by the Department of Minerals)
Wendy MORRISON, Wendy 1994 To study Asian consumer requirements, business etiquette and cultural awareness imperatives to win Australia's market share in Asia - Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia PDF  
Norman OWENS OAM, Norman 1994 The AMP Churchill Fellowship to study the Business Week project - USA
Ron RABEY, Ron 1993 The Retail Management Institute of Australia Churchill Fellowship to study modern retail merchandising methods - USA
Paul KLUMPES, Paul 1992 The AMP Churchill Fellowship to research the various types of risk to which superannuation businesses or life insurers may be exposed - USA, UK
Sue DAHN, Sue 1991 To study the US and UK responses to the finance gap experienced by social and community-oriented economic development ventures denied access to funds through traditional lending and equity channels - USA, UK
Denis GINNIVAN, Denis 1991 To study programmes designed to assist farm families and rural communities which are experiencing financial difficulty and high pressure for adjustment - USA, Canada
Catherine McGOWAN AO, Catherine 1990 To study the consultative mechanisms used for communication between rural communities, government departments and agencies with particular emphasis on rural women - Canada PDF  
Annette TURNER, Annette 1990 The Retail Management Institute of Australia Churchill Fellowshpi to study the techniques used by Nordstroms and Bloomingdales in staff motivation and the presentation of merchandise - USA
Patrick McCLURE, Patrick 1989 To visit and study the operation of non-profit community enterprises involved in the provision of food for people on low income - USA, UK, Canada PDF  
Lesley BROOKS, Lesley 1986 To study overseas curricula, materials and teaching/learning methods for students and teachers of post-primary small business education in order to develop teaching materials and disseminate ideas in Australia - USA, UK, Canada
Peter ELDER, Peter 1986 To examine the production and marketing of training programmes for small business executives and secondary and tertiary students - USA
Bruce ASHWORTH, Bruce 1984 To study the provision of services, assistance and incentives to small business by governments, trade and industry organisations and private enterprise - USA, UK, Canada
Hadley SIDES, Hadley 1978 To study overseas developments in regional employment promotion and employment planning for non-metropolitan areas - Italy, France, Ireland, UK
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