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Fellow Year Project Report
Duncan TAYLOR, Duncan 2008 To compare and evaluate electronic crime management models - Singapore, Hong Kong, U.K., USA PDF  
Sarah YULE, Sarah 2008 To study psychological techniques used to assist in progressing missing persons investigations - USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK PDF  
Christopher ARNOL AFSM, Christopher 2007 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to examine contemporary methods for managing bushfires that directly threaten the urban environment - USA, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece PDF  
Michael BELTRAN AFSM, Michael 2007 To examine neighbourhood based emergency preparedness management - Canada PDF  
Stephen COOKE, Stephen 2007 To assess the effectiveness of support programs for families of police officers killed in the line of duty - U.K., USA, Canada PDF  
Gregory GANNON, Gregory 2007 To identify systems to accurately locate emergency incidents on major roads - U.K., Germany, USA PDF  
Rachel KIRBY, Rachel 2007 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study management preparedness strategies for mass burns disasters - USA PDF  
Elias MESSAIKE, Elias 2007 To study current advances in ear identification and their application in Australia - Belgium, Netherlands, UK, France PDF  
Vinay RANE, Vinay 2007 To study methods of prosecuting sexual assault and violent crime offenders without victim involvement - USA, U.K. PDF  
Sally REID, Sally 2007 To examine models of training provided to volunteer 'Independent Persons' who support young people through police interviews where no parent or guardian is in attendance - U.K. PDF  
Donna STURGESS APM, Donna 2007 To study how policing organisations address rail related safety and security to provide an environment that gains community confidence - Russia, U.K., USA, Canada, Hong Kong PDF  
Megan WEBSTER, Megan 2007 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to review field-based Criminal Intelligence Training Programs - Canada, U.K. PDF  
Murray ASHBY, Murray 2006 To study inter-agency co-operation between police and health agencies to determine best practice in the identification and reduction of critical incidents involving persons affected by mental health issues - Japan, China, U.K., Ireland, USA PDF  
Kenneth ASHWORTH, Kenneth 2006 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate how major sea ports manage port security relative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements including strategies used to tackle organised crime - Hong Kong, U.K., Netherlands, USA, PDF  
Jamie CHALKER APM, Jamie 2006 To identify methods and approaches used by International Law Enforcement Agencies to counter Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG's) and their involvement in organised crime - USA, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark PDF  
Danny DONALD, Danny 2006 To undertake an indepth analysis of internal ambulance, police and fire service media operations with a view to developing practical and effective media response measures for Australia's emergency services, media and public - USA, U.K. PDF  
Mark JACKSON, Mark 2006 To study the operation of Family Justice Centres which offer co-located services to victims of domestic violence - U.K., USA PDF  
Mark SAMWAYS, Mark 2006 To study missing persons cases with a focus on risk assessment models, investigation methods, missing persons procedures, and communication between law enforcement agencies and non-government organisations - USA, Canada, U.K., Netherlands, Hong Kong PDF  
Neil STANBURY, Neil 2006 To research methods used by police and emergency services authorities for the management, preparation and delivery of effective media liaison and public information functions during and immediately following terrorist attacks - Singapore, U.K., Spain, Net PDF  
Peter ASSFALG, Peter 2005 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to identify Noble Cause Corruption reduction strategies and study working models - USA, Canada, U.K., Philippines PDF  
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