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Fellow Year Project Report
Sian Spencer, Sian 2019 To develop and prepare Australian athletes for international paraclimbing competitions - USA, Austria, France, UK
Sean Stevens, Sean 2019 To explore leading global practices in the use of simulation in surgical education and training - UK, Ireland, USA, Canada
Philippa Stevens, Philippa 2019 To benchmark the balance of access, security and preservation for significant library collections - UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, USA
Cate Sumner, Cate 2019 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to research how impact investing and social impact bonds can support legal services for women & children - Singapore, Bangladesh, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada
Michelle Tapper, Michelle 2019 To study science video production in digital media and develop a financially sustainable model - USA, UK, Switzerland
Sharon Taylor, Sharon 2019 To implement cross-cultural education within NSW Health based on Aboriginal pedagogies (8Ways) - New Zealand, Canada, Italy
Heather Thomas, Heather 2019 To increase natural dyeing expertise by investigating established botanical dye studios - USA, Canada, Japan
Jared Thomas, Jared 2019 To investigate colonised people's interpretative strategies in permanent gallery displays - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Norway
Elaine Thomson, Elaine 2019 To explore methods to ensure vulnerable families receive a child protection service that upholds dignity and social justice - Canada, USA, UK
Paul Triglau, Paul 2019 The Dr Susan Nelle Churchill Fellowship to learn artisan baking/patisserie to establish an Italian focused course at TAFE SA - Italy
Melinda Tually, Melinda 2019 To understand best practice garment manufacturing upholding workers rights and paying living wages - Vietnam, Cambodia, India, UK, USA
Aaron Tucker, Aaron 2019 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to enhance understanding of illicit synthetic opioid trafficking and examine border protection programs - China, Canada, USA, Mexico
Virginia Westwood, Virginia 2019 To study aspects of speech recognition specific to learning to speak an endangered oral language - Singapore, Malaysia, France, UK
Jaclyn White, Jaclyn 2019 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to develop an integrated Ocular Genetic Service to improve care for children with genetic eye disease - UK, USA, Canada
Nicholas Wood, Nicholas 2019 To improve our clinical advice and management of vaccine reactions for the Australian community - USA, Canada, Switzerland
Daniel Brown, Daniel 2018 The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to determine effective nutritional management strategies for BCS in intensively housed dairy farms - USA, Saudi Arabia PDF  
Ruari Elkington, Ruari 2018 To investigate new initiatives connecting student and online video creators in collaborative work - USA, UK PDF  
Kim Wolfenden, Kim 2018 To investigate cases of human-wildlife conflict to improve coexistence between people and sharks - USA, South Africa PDF  
Anne Louise Virgo, Anne Louise 2018 To investigate opportunities for advancing the art form of fine art printmaking - USA, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Italy, Singapore PDF  
Peter Castles, Peter 2018 To learn the finer points of the English Saddle, Harness and Collar making - UK PDF  
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