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Fellow Year Project Report
Gregory Toman, Gregory 2018 To enhance overall safety to both rescuers and those requiring rescue in remote rescue situations - Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Italy, France
Ben Trewren, Ben 2018 The Terry Lavender Churchill Fellowship to explore opportunities for trail destinations to attract and grow world class 'shared-use' interests - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK
Samantha Turner, Samantha 2018 To determine tangible initiatives and strategies to improve Culturally Diverse Leadership in Australia - USA, UK
Eric Vanweydeveld, Eric 2018 To investigate proven low-cost innovative water treatment solutions for regional & remote Australia - United Arab Emirates, Oman, Israel PDF  
Anne Louise Virgo, Anne Louise 2018 To investigate opportunities for advancing the art form of fine art printmaking - USA, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Italy, Singapore
Lucy Walker, Lucy 2018 To bring innovative global pharmacy practices to my rural community and improve services nationally - United Arab Emirates, UK, Ireland, Germany, Canada, USA, New Zealand
Katherine Webber, Katherine 2018 The Rodney Warmington Churchill Fellowship to increase accessibility to public toilets by researching taboos, design, policy and legal barriers - Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Kym Whiteoak, Kym 2018 To learn from world's best practice water quality markets and their institutional settings - Germany, Belgium, UK, USA
Nick Whiterod, Nick 2018 The Richard Rischbieth Churchill Fellowship to develop world-leading reintroduction strategies for threatened South Australian aquatic species - UK, Portugal, USA
Kim Wolfenden, Kim 2018 To investigate cases of human-wildlife conflict to improve coexistence between people and sharks - USA, South Africa
Matthew Wright, Matthew 2018 To examine Disaster Victim Registration procedures and policies following an aviation emergency - China, UK, Germany, USA, New Zealand
´╗┐Sarah Brown, ´╗┐Sarah 2018 To investigate innovative technology solutions to connect zoo visitors with nature and grow revenue - USA, Netherlands, UK, Singapore
Clare Arnott, Clare 2017 To gain expertise in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of women's cardiovascular disease - USA
Jeremy Baldwin, Jeremy 2017 To explore next generation cell processing techniques to advance Australian cell based therapeutics - Germany PDF  
Richard Baranski, Richard 2017 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to identify the most beneficial implementation of EV3 robotics into STEM educational programs - USA, UK, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore
Stuart Barr, Stuart 2017 To examine leading dispute resolution practices upon cross-cultural family breakdown - Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada
David Bartlett, David 2017 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to understand the methods, risks and benefits of the international deployment of human sources - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, New Zealand
Kavita Bedford, Kavita 2017 To combat violent extremism by exploring international 'alternative narrative' approaches - Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Turkey, Greece PDF  
Adam Best, Adam 2017 To develop improved electrolytes to enable the lithium metal electrode for high energy batteries - Germany, UK
Julie Blake, Julie 2017 To investigate successful resident participation strategies in neighbourhood renewal of public housing - UK, Ireland PDF  
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