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Fellow Year Project Report
Christopher PIPE-MARTIN, Christopher 2005 To investigate water treatment methods to improve the sustainability and quality of water supplies - Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
Pamela WILSON, Pamela 2005 To improve the selection of foreign dung beetle species and enhance their populations in Australia by comparing the effects of grazing activities in natural and transformed environments - South Africa PDF  
Anthony BRINKLEY, Anthony 2004 To study water (particularly groundwater) resources, land use change and catchment protection - Italy, Austria, Germany, U.K., USA PDF  
Kim CARTER, Kim 2004 To examine models of Indigenous peoples economic advancement utilising their traditional land based resources - USA, South Africa PDF  
Graham HARRIS, Graham 2004 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to evaluate current research and commercial use of precision irrigation practices in cotton and broadacre crops aimed at improving water use efficiency and minimising environmental impact - USA, Israel PDF  
David HAYNES, David 2004 To examine the techniques adopted and strategies used to report on water quality monitoring programs in tropical and temperate marine environments in the northern hemisphere - U.K., USA, Bermuda
Andrew HUCKEL, Andrew 2004 To examine incentive schemes used to encourage farmers to adopt land and water conservation activities - USA, U.K., Italy PDF  
Hugh MIDDLEMIS, Hugh 2004 To study Australian Groundwater Modelling Guidelines consistent with recent advances by adapting international methodologies to suit Australian conditions - Czech Republic, Netherlands, U.K. PDF  
Matthew POPE, Matthew 2004 The Blakeney Millar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to assess community engagement in recreation developments on public lands with particular reference to sustainable multiple use walking tracks in natural environs bordering urban communities - USA, Canad PDF  
Darcy REDMAN, Darcy 2004 To study production methods of high quality drinking water with emphasis on storage, safety, transport and local manufacture of water - USA PDF  
Michael ADAMS, Michael 2003 To undertake an analysis of the indigenous peoples' interests and national park issues in theory, policy and practice - Sweden PDF  
Rachael BERNSTONE, Rachael 2003 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study sustainable and affordable housing initiatives that aim to assist welfare dependent, low and middle income residents with emphasis on environmental issues - USA, Finland, Sweden, U.K. PDF  
Jeffrey CAMKIN, Jeffrey 2003 To investigate water allocation and management systems with emphasis on the social, cultural, economic and environmental issues pertaining to this topic - Brazil, USA, South Africa PDF  
Susan CHASE AM, Susan 2003 To study small scale wind generation (up to 2MV) providing power into electrical distribution systems at voltages of up to 33kV for the financial development of community co-operative wind farms in rural and remote areas - Denmark, Spain, U.K., USA PDF  
Andrew CHIN, Andrew 2003 To investigate the progress of tropical shark research and conservation with emphasis on the social, cultural and economic forces that drive shark over-fishing and how to involve communities in sustainable shark fishing and conservation programs - USA, Singapore, Malaysia PDF  
Paul HEATON, Paul 2003 To gain practical insights into the design and operation of small scale soil aquifer treatment (SAT) systems as it relates to the treatment, storage and reuse of effluence - USA PDF  
Jon LAMBERT, Jon 2003 To investigate economically viable systems that have been specifically developed for the harvest of small plantation resources - Spain, Sweden, Finland PDF  
Phoebe MAROULIS, Phoebe 2003 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to investigate the commercial and technical feasibility of supplying rural and remote communities with renewable energy, particularly bioenergy opportunities as a combined management tool for woody shrub invasion and e PDF  
Anne O'DONNELL, Anne 2003 To assess value-adding strategies, marketing and network techniques to facilitate the revitalisation of timber communities - Canada, USA PDF  
Seamus PARKER, Seamus 2003 To study trends in laws governing the management of water - Italy, U.K., USA, India PDF  
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