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Fellow Year Project Report
Benjamin KEARNEY, Benjamin 2006 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to investigate environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging technologies for the baking industry - Italy, Germany, U.K., USA PDF  
Siwan LOVETT, Siwan 2006 To investigate the feasibility of establishing an Australian Centre for River Restoration based on overseas models and apply to the A.C.T. as a pilot project - Singapore, U.K., Italy PDF  
Elizabeth MacPHEE, Elizabeth 2006 The Blakeney Millar Churchill Fellowship to investigate rehabilitation techniques for restoring steep, high altitude areas with catchment protection and conservation of natural landscapes as the main focus - USA, Chile, Argentina, Finland, France PDF  
Douglas ROBINSON, Douglas 2006 To study agricultural incentive schemes and associated wildlife conservation programmes - U.K., Ireland PDF  
Robert DICK, Robert 2005 To investigate groundwater management in large artesian basins with a view to using these methods to improve management of Australia's Great Artesian Basin - USA PDF  
William GLAMORE, PhD, William 2005 To investigate practices for restoring coastal wetlands - USA, Netherlands, Vietnam, New Zealand PDF  
Kate HASSALL, Kate 2005 To assess models of managing conservation areas (including national parks) that involve partnerships between indigenous groups, government, the private sector and wider community - South Africa, Canada PDF  
Kathryn HEATON, Kathryn 2005 The CFA of WA / Water Corporation Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative water sources and the latest technologies to remove contaminants for water supply applications in the drought affected South West Region of Western Australia - Singapore, Ch PDF  
Natalie HOLLAND, Natalie 2005 To examine the planning, implementation and stewardship of landscape-scale projects for the conservation of biodiversity - USA PDF  
William HOLLINGWORTH, William 2005 To study the use of Casuarina trees and compare similar landuse options for Western Australia - Egypt, Israel, China, India, Spain PDF  
Patricia KEVIN, Patricia 2005 To investigate farm forestry extension and education programs - U.K., Ireland, Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden PDF  
James LAWSON, James 2005 To investigate the role of alternative solid waste management technologies, processes and traditional landfill practices in sustainable waste management - Italy, U.K., USA, Canada PDF  
James McNEUR, James 2005 To investigate water efficient design techniques, drought-tolerant flora, innovative irrigation/reticulation strategies, infrastructure and creativity in grey-water recycling and desalination - USA, Spain, Israel, United Arab Emirates PDF  
Christopher PIPE-MARTIN, Christopher 2005 To investigate water treatment methods to improve the sustainability and quality of water supplies - Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
Pamela WILSON, Pamela 2005 To improve the selection of foreign dung beetle species and enhance their populations in Australia by comparing the effects of grazing activities in natural and transformed environments - South Africa PDF  
Anthony BRINKLEY, Anthony 2004 To study water (particularly groundwater) resources, land use change and catchment protection - Italy, Austria, Germany, U.K., USA PDF  
Kim CARTER, Kim 2004 To examine models of Indigenous peoples economic advancement utilising their traditional land based resources - USA, South Africa PDF  
Graham HARRIS, Graham 2004 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to evaluate current research and commercial use of precision irrigation practices in cotton and broadacre crops aimed at improving water use efficiency and minimising environmental impact - USA, Israel PDF  
David HAYNES, David 2004 To examine the techniques adopted and strategies used to report on water quality monitoring programs in tropical and temperate marine environments in the northern hemisphere - U.K., USA, Bermuda
Andrew HUCKEL, Andrew 2004 To examine incentive schemes used to encourage farmers to adopt land and water conservation activities - USA, U.K., Italy PDF  
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