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Fellow Year Project Report
Linda Gyorki, Linda 2013 To research the ethical and practical barriers of integrating legal assistance into a health-care setting - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
David Hughes, David 2013 To examine and compare interventions that minimise bladder, erection and cancer return complications related to Prostate Cancer Therapy - USA PDF  
Belinda Mawhinney, Belinda 2013 To identify the key strategies required for health services to effectively work together in response to children and young people at "risk of harm" - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Pauline McGrath, Pauline 2013 To review the delivery of counselling support for women undergoing new prenatal technology - UK, USA, Hong Kong PDF  
Emily Oates, Emily 2013 To use recently established genetic sequencing techniques to advance our knowledge of neuromuscular diseases, and to identify new potential targets for treatment - USA, UK PDF  
Felicity Pidgeon, Felicity 2013 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to research models and methods used by services providing cross cultural rehabilitation therapy to disabled persons in very isolated regions - USA, Canada PDF  
Courtney Ryder, Courtney 2013 To facilitate the development of a curriculum framework for best practice simulation teaching in Indigenous Health - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Tony Schumacher Jones, Tony 2013 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to study person centred care for people with dementia - Netherlands, UK PDF  
Emma Searle, Emma 2013 To study culturally competent ways of engaging pregnant Indigenous women with identified child protection issues within an urban hospital environment - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Doug Shelton, Doug 2013 To understand how to build a comprehensive assessment and intervention service for children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Nataliya Shkuratova, Nataliya 2013 The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to discover new ways to develop and deliver multidisciplinary falls prevention intervention that can effectively protect older Australians from falls after discharge from hospital - UK, Netherland PDF  
Lisa Simonetti, Lisa 2013 To investigate the benefits of Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinics as a midwifery/nursing led model of care for patients experiencing miscarriage or potential pregnancy loss - Singapore, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Efterpi Soropos, Efterpi 2013 To investigate, develop and implement aged care dementia immersive sensory art projects - Hong Kong, Japan, UK PDF  
Benjamin Veness, Benjamin 2013 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative prevention and early intervention strategies to improve the mental health of university students - Singapore, China, USA, UK, Switzerland PDF  
Bruce Wicksteed, Bruce 2013 To examine varied models for paediatric critical care transport with the intention of establishing a service in Western Australia - New Zealand, USA, Sweden, UK PDF  
Erica Wood, Erica 2013 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to establish a collaborative clinical research program in patient blood management - USA, UK, Spain, Switzerland PDF  
David Ascher, David 2012 The Leslie (Les) J. Fleming Churchill Fellowship to study the structure guided drug design of allosteric inhibitors enabling protein-protein interactions to treat cancer - UK, Spain, Turkey PDF  
Alex Bahar Fuchs, Alex 2012 The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate cognitive interventions for older people at risk of dementia - UK, USA, Israel PDF  
Julie Bernhardt AM, Julie 2012 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study environmental enrichment as a new treatment for brain injured individuals - Sweden, Spain, USA, Canada PDF  
Josephine Chow, Josephine 2012 To investigate strategies for overcoming poor perception and improving the uptake of home-based dialysis therapies - Hong Kong, Canada PDF  
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