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Fellow Year Project Report
Kevin GARDNER, Kevin 2002 To investigate the effectiveness of sex offender registers (reporting schemes such as "Megan's Law") in crime prevention and the contribution of offender monitoring to improving community safety - U.K., Ireland, USA PDF  
Janice SHUARD PSM, Janice 2002 The Family and Children's Service Churchill Fellowship to study management and programmes for Indigenous youth and young women in custodial facilities - Canada PDF  
Tricia VELTHUIZEN, Tricia 2002 To study programmes which help child witnesses cope effectively with the pressures of the witness box in criminal trials - USA, Canada PDF  
Janet ATKINSON, Janet 2001 To examine initiatives taken by self-regulating medical registration bodies to protect the community from a doctor whose standard of professional performance is poor - Canada, UK, Netherlands, Sweden PDF  
Kevin BOURNE-MCRAE, Kevin 2001 To study "Inner Change" rehabilitation programs for use in Australian prisons - USA, Brazil PDF  
Bernadette O'REILLY, Bernadette 2001 To study programmes for young women in custody, focusing on recidivism, Indigenous and pregnant girls - USA PDF  
Colin ROWLEY, Colin 2001 To study security measures to maintain the safety and integrity of court staff, clients and its associated environment thus ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of the independent judicial process - USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Hong Kong, UK PDF  
Allan VAN ZYL, Allan 2001 To research Indigenous youth imprisonment with emphasis on social pressures to offend and the possible use of imprisonment as a substitute for traditional processes - USA, Canada PDF  
Friederike VEIT, Friederike 2001 To study heroin prescription programmes and needle exchanges in prisons - Switzerland, Germany, UK PDF  
Colleen WINTERBURN, Colleen 2001 To study the use of video techniques in the taking of evidence of children in judicial proceedings - UK PDF  
Sandra KILLICK, Sandra 2000 To investigate the latest trends in human rights legislation as it applies to schools - Switzerland PDF  
Joanne SIVYER, Joanne 2000 To study the provision of legal representation for children - UK, Belgium, USA PDF  
Jacqueline TAPLIN, Jacqueline 2000 To gain a greater understanding of programme delivery and broader systemic issues relating to sex offenders - USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand PDF  
Arthur BOLKAS, Arthur 1999 To investigate the role of religion in developing a sense of moral responsibility in offenders with particular focus on child sex offenders - USA, U.K. PDF  
Caitlin ENGLISH, Caitlin 1999 To examine ways to improve the co-ordination of free legal services and public interest activities of the legal profession particularly for the benefit of disadvantaged communities - U.K., USA PDF  
Steven FEELGOOD, Steven 1999 To investigate programmes which provide objective assessments of inmate needs and direct change through a positive environment within the prison system - U.K. PDF  
Elizabeth MCKIBBIN, Elizabeth 1999 To study and compare the provision of access to legal information for the general public, particularly services to remote, Indigenous and ethnic communities - Canada, USA, Ireland
Heather BARRY, Heather 1998 To research vocational and education programmes for women prisoners - USA, Canada
Prue INNES, Prue 1998 To gain insight into the relationship between the courts, judiciary and the media - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Judith LAZARUS AM, Judith 1998 To study strategies aimed at breaking the cycle of offending behaviour - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
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