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Fellow Year Project Report
Mary CALLAHAN, Mary 1998 The Victorian Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to study book design practices - UK, Italy
Agnieszka GOLDA, Agnieszka 1998 To participate in and record the ancient surface decoration practices and processes of the Zalipie region - Poland
Matthew HARDING, Matthew 1998 To develop talent for figurative sculpture in wood and stone - Italy, Germany, France, UK
Ian JONES, Ian 1998 To study the packing and firing of large cross-draft pottery kilns - UK, USA
Mary LAURENSON, Mary 1998 To research the work of Australian colonial artist Nicholas Chevalier - UK, Switzerland, Italy
David NUTTER, David 1998 To gain experience by working with the major exponents of large scale free-form forging - Italy, Germany, USA PDF  
Madeleine BODENHAM, Madeleine 1997 To study pigment (paint) and materials identification for use in conservation and restoration - UK, France, Spain
Wendy LUGG, Wendy 1997 To study the processes of designing and printing fabrics for the quilt market - USA, Korea
Jason WOODWARD, Jason 1997 To study aerosol art - USA, Germany
Michael DOWNS, Michael 1996 To study painting and drawing - USA, UK
Noris IOANNOU, Noris 1996 To research folk art collections and documentation - USA PDF  
Louella McCARTHY, Louella 1996 To investigate the teaching of local and community history - UK
Jane MORRISEY, Jane 1996 To study glass bead making, methods and workshop practices - USA
Donald POWELL, Donald 1996 To study advanced wood-carving and sculpture - UK, Switzerland, Germany PDF  
Peter WHYTE, Peter 1996 To study photography with particular reference to the export market - Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Japan, USA
Terry BAKER, Terry 1995 To meet and observe craftsmen working in the woodturning field - USA, Sweden, UK PDF  
Susanna DEVRIES-EVANS AM, Susanna 1995 To study Renaissance art and architecture - Italy
Basil HALL, Basil 1995 To work and study at major printmaking workshops - USA, Germany, France, Italy
Peter MINSON, Peter 1995 To study glass lampworking in depth at a high level to improve knowledge both technically and aesthetically - USA, Germany
Judith ROSSELL, Judith 1995 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study at the Scottish College of Textiles - UK
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