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Fellow Year Project Report
Andrea HARMS, Andrea 2009 To study methods for accelerating the educational outcomes of Indigenous Australian students - Canada, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates PDF  
Kerry HODGE, Kerry 2009 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative programs for gifted preschoolers and teacher training in gifted early education - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Jennifer LAWLESS, Jennifer 2009 The Northern Districts (Sydney) Education Centre Churchill Fellowship to study the teaching of history to primary school students - Canada, UK PDF  
Jennifer SAINSBURY, Jennifer 2009 To study methods for building the capacity of the education sector to support same sex attracted young people - UK, Netherlands, USA PDF  
Tracy SULLIVAN, Tracy 2009 To observe the teaching practices and methodologies of key World History curriculum designers and teachers to aid in the development of a National Curriculum in World History - USA PDF  
Kristian Wale OAM, Kristian 2009 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to research methodologies and techniques used in Alternate Education - Ireland, Canada, USA PDF  
Matthew WILLS, Matthew 2009 The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study methods to improve the quality and rigour of secondary education in the area of Philosophy and Ethics - USA PDF  
Peter BATTEN, Peter 2008 To study mentoring programs for young people with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome - USA, U.K. PDF  
Andrew BEST, Andrew 2008 To study the impact of Environmental Education in engaging children, particularly Indigenous students, in the learning process - U.K., USA PDF  
Louise BURKE, Louise 2008 To study techniques for managing the impact of relational and non-physical aggression on girls - Canada, USA PDF  
Danielle CRONIN, Danielle 2008 To study policy initiatives and associated structures that support parent engagement in schooling - USA, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Bernardine DENIGAN, Bernardine 2008 The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to ascertain methods for increasing Indigenous participation in education - USA PDF  
Elizabeth HEALY, Elizabeth 2008 To investigate programs that support beginning teachers to remain in the profession - USA, Canada PDF  
Rochelle HUTSON, Rochelle 2008 To investigate techniques used to build early literacy skills in children who are blind - Canada, USA PDF  
Paula KELLY, Paula 2008 To investigate international reading programs that support the development of readers and focus on reading as a vital and creative activity throughout life - UK, Croatia, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, USA PDF  
Belinda McDONALD, Belinda 2008 To further develop my understanding in relation to the MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) curriculum and research opportunities for implementation in Queensland - USA PDF  
Heather McINTYRE, Heather 2008 To study community based approaches to early childhood development - U.K., Ireland, USA PDF  
Jennie NELSON, Jennie 2008 To study the technical aspects of tertiary Forensic Science education and practice - U.K., Canada PDF  
Shelley PEERS AM, Shelley 2008 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study inquiry-based primary science education - USA, France, Germany, U.K. PDF  
Giuliano PEREZ, Giuliano 2008 To investigate edible school gardens as hubs for community food production, their link to school curriculum and environmental education - U.K., USA, Cuba, Argentina, New Zealand PDF  
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