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Fellow Year Project Report
Robert WAUGH APM, Robert 2004 To examine the command, control and tactical strategies used to manage and resolve high risk and terrorist incidents to ensure successful outcomes whilst minimising the risk to the community and responding police - Israel, U.K., Ireland, Spain, USA, Hong PDF  
Robert GRAHAM, Robert 2003 To study coastal maritime search and rescue procedures - USA, Canada, U.K., Singapore PDF  
Samantha LEE, Samantha 2003 To investigate the "Law and Order" (tougher sentencing, punishment based) and public health (injury prevention, harm minimisation) approach to reducing handgun violence - U.K., USA, Canada PDF  
James PILMER, James 2003 To identify those aspects of religious diversity which have a direct relevance to operational policing in an increasingly diverse society with the aim of helping police become more responsive to individual, significant religious issues - Sweden, Germany, PDF  
Elise SULLIVAN, Elise 2003 To examine how media coverage of negative incidents impacts on public confidence in an organisation, with particular reference to police corruption - New Zealand, USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Gregory TEDDER, Gregory 2003 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to study the methods used by fire incident management teams to inform and involve local communities directly affected by wildfire or wildfire control operations - USA PDF  
Graeme ADCOCK, Graeme 2002 To study the holistic delivery of police service to rural communities, with emphasis on training, practical performance management, support services, utilisation of volunteers and the promotion of country policing as a positive career option for police officers - U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
Cameron KIRKPATRICK, Cameron 2002 To study law enforcement based strategies and programmes that are in place to prevent and reduce the increasing incidence of fatalities and injury accidents involving heavy vehicles with emphasis on community policing and technology - New Zealand, USA, Ca PDF  
Drew MORGAN, Drew 2002 To undertake a study of specific intelligence gathering programmes directed against organised crime - Canada, U.K., Ireland, France, Israel PDF  
Michael SHAW, Michael 2002 To assess police bicycle patrol techniques, particularly team selection, training, health and safety requirements, public satisfaction and crime reduction effectiveness - Canada, USA, U.K. PDF  
Paul STEEL APM, Paul 2002 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study current trends in illicit drug manufacturing, law enforcement initiatives in the detection of clandestine drug laboratories, and drug laboratory dismantling safety procedures and chemical diversion - USA PDF  
Fiona STEVENS, Fiona 2002 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to assess the aims, methods, successes and problems of the "Repeat Victimisation (Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence) Task Force" - U.K. PDF  
Craig WALSH, Craig 2002 To evaluate selection and training methodology, applicant assessment and workplace linkages in units considered to be world leaders in tactical policing - USA, Canada, Germany, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Paul WALSHE, Paul 2002 To study the methods and safe practices employed by overseas law enforcement agencies pertaining to the recruitment, management and protection of confidential informants - USA, Canada, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Billy-Jo DAVISON, Billy-Jo 2002 To study contemporary policing of indigenous communities - USA, Canada PDF  
Kevin GARDNER, Kevin 2002 To investigate the effectiveness of sex offender registers (reporting schemes such as "Megan's Law") in crime prevention and the contribution of offender monitoring to improving community safety - U.K., Ireland, USA PDF  
Leonie JACQUES, Leonie 2002 To study the international social policy response and provision of services for the families, friends and significant others of people who are missing - USA, U.K. PDF  
Thang NGO, Thang 2002 To consult with police, ethnic communities and other organisations on strategies to improve the relationship between police and ethnic communities - U.K., France, USA, Vietnam, Singapore PDF  
Randall SMITH, Randall 2002 To study police investigations of clandestine drug laboratories - USA, Canada PDF  
Betty TAYLOR, Betty 2002 To study multi-agency interventions to domestic violence with a focus on collaborative approaches to domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault within a common model - USA, Canada PDF  
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