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Fellow Year Project Report
Caroline Butler-Bowdon, Caroline 2017 To investigate the best new global models of visitor accessibility and experience at heritage sites - UK, Denmark, USA, Canada PDF  
Christopher Carty, Christopher 2017 To learn the latest 3D printing solutions for the treatment of children with bone deformities - USA, Belgium PDF  
Steven Caruana, Steven 2017 To enhance best practice inspection methodologies for oversight bodies with an Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture focus - UK, Norway, Switzerland, Malta, Greece, New Zealand PDF  
Rita Cattoni, Rita 2017 To investigate convergent technology research for application in remote Indigenous media space - India, Canada, USA PDF  
Stephanie Cousins, Stephanie 2017 To identify safe pathways for refugees and asylum seekers - Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Canada, USA PDF  
Josephine Cruickshank, Josephine 2017 To investigate successful cycling policies and programs in regional centres and smaller cities - UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, France, Norway PDF  
Peter Cursley, Peter 2017 To gather knowledge to expand the successful and unique model of the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation - UK, Netherlands, New Zealand PDF  
Jackson Dannock, Jackson 2017 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate the key elements of successful cohousing and how they can benefit the community - UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, USA
Greg Dean, Greg 2017 To investigate early intervention in mental illnesses for serving police and peer support for former police employees - USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong PDF  
Michelle Deshong, Michelle 2017 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to research and apply best practice on Indigenous governance and leadership models - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Louise Devenish, Louise 2017 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to study European percussion music creation/performance, research methodologies and pedagogy - Germany, France, Switzerland, UK PDF  
Emma Di Marco, Emma 2017 To progress contemporary Australian music by exploring performer-composer relationships globally - USA, Netherlands, UK
Monica Diaz, Monica 2017 To explore the care and support available to women with female genital mutilation during pregnancy - UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium
Michelle (Shelly) Dival, Michelle (Shelly) 2017 To study specialised building design of homes/work places for individuals on the autism spectrum - USA, France, Netherlands, Denmark, UK PDF  
Leigh Donovan, Leigh 2017 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to identify and develop guidelines for best practice paediatric hospital bereavement care services - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa PDF  
Cherise Donovan, Cherise 2017 To investigate and research effective Drug Court initiatives - USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand PDF  
Niall Doran, Niall 2017 To gain direct experience of international media production, marketing and audience engagement - USA, UK
Rafael Epstein, Rafael 2017 To ensure fake news and extremism don't distort debate while ensuring a diversity of voices - USA PDF  
Jacinta Evans, Jacinta 2017 To investigate best practice in managing violent behaviour in schools including preventative programs - Canada, Finland, UK, Ireland PDF  
Fiona Ewington, Fiona 2017 To develop military doctrine on Maritime Trade Operations employment to protect trade interests - UK, Greece, Germany, Portugal, USA PDF  
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