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Fellow Year Project Report
Tim MACNAUGHT, Tim 1995 To visit major centres for ethical and religious education and learn the lessons of the new national curriculum - UK, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, USA PDF  
Ninh NGUYEN, Ninh 1995 To establish links between professional translation organisations and teaching institutes in Vietnam and Australia - Vietnam
Phillip ALLAN, Phillip 1994 To investigate the exhibitions and programmes of key science centres - USA, Canada, UK
Ingrid VAN DYK, Ingrid 1994 To investigate and assess how creativity is being dealt with by other educational institutions embracing a competency based format of curriculum design to arts related areas - UK, Netherlands, USA
Bruce RIGBY, Bruce 1993 The IBM Churchill Fellowship to study ways in which computer telecommunication techniques are being used in other countries to expand and enrich the educational opportunities for children of school age - USA, UK, Denmark
Louise CHAMBERLIN, Louise 1992 To research techniques and applications of puppetry and maskmaking in education - Vietnam, Japan, Italy, UK, USA
Gail KELLY, Gail 1992 The Bank of Queensland Churchill Fellowship to study instructional design techniques for the planning and production of educational material in the field of remote sensing - USA
Ronda JAMIESON, Ronda 1991 To study the latest techniques used in oral history collection, storage and teaching - New Zealand, USA, UK
Susan MARSDEN, Susan 1991 To investigate the practice and teaching of public history - USA, Canada
Robert NEWTOWN, Robert 1991 To observe techniques and approaches in the teaching of environmental education - USA
Jeffrey SHAW, Jeffrey 1991 To study two major and innovative projects providing high quality educational opportunities to remote, isolated, disadvantaged students - Canada, UK
Darrel STEER, Darrel 1991 To meet and observe key researchers and practitioners involved in teaching critical thinking in the USA in order to develop a programme for the teaching of thinking approaches in Australia - USA PDF  
Colin SUTCLIFFE OAM, Colin 1989 To study and evaluate new distance learning technologies to assist with expansion of distance education centres and more extensive use of modern communications technology - USA, Canada
Lesley BROOKS, Lesley 1986 To study overseas curricula, materials and teaching/learning methods for students and teachers of post-primary small business education in order to develop teaching materials and disseminate ideas in Australia - USA, UK, Canada
Lorraine THORNQUIST, Lorraine 1986 To bring back knowledge of the methods of using computers in foreign language learning - USA, France
Mark BISS, Mark 1983 To study the syllabus of secondary school courses which take account of the impacts of technology on the skills required by the workforce - UK PDF  
Michael GORE AO, Michael 1983 To study scientific exhibits at major science centres with the aim of increasing the scope of the Questacon science centre in Canberra - USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, France, Germany PDF  
Bruce EMSLEY, Bruce 1982 To study methods of recording sound effects and natural history sounds and programmes to educate people of all ages to listen to the sounds around us - UK, USA
James DEVLIN, James 1981 To study the materials, equipment and techniques employed in the repair of motor vehicles - UK, Sweden, Germany, Italy PDF  
Gary BEEHAG, Gary 1980 To study the organisation, structure and teaching techniques of turf management courses at universities and the support given to the subject by research centres and private companies - USA
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