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Fellow Year Project Report
Martin HOLLOWAY, Martin 1991 To study the most modern methods and techniques being used in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents - USA, UK
Harry NEYENHUYS, Harry 1991 To research the latest techniques in fraud investigation - Hong Kong, UK
Lesley SKILLEN, Lesley 1991 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study the methods used by law enforcement agencies in investigating organised crime with particular reference to tracking and seizing the benefits of crime - USA
Mark ADAMS, Mark 1990 To undertake study in a series of courses relating to investigation of motor vehicle collisions to enable the establishment of similar courses at the NSW Police Academy - USA, UK
Barry GILBERT, Barry 1990 To gain further knowledge in the application of preventive health programmes for police forces concentrating particularly on physical, psychological and social strategies - USA, Canada, UK
Harold HALLENSTEIN, Harold 1990 To study the jurisdiction and administration of the British Coroner and the American Examiner/Coroner including the provision to them of services in forensic pathology, toxicology, forensic science and police - USA, UK
Ljiljana (Lilly) CVIJIC, Ljiljana (Lilly) 1989 To attend courses and gain experience in matters relating to child sexual abuse from the law enforcement aspect - UK, New Zealand, USA, Canada
Nigel HADGKISS AM, Nigel 1989 To study comparative methods for combating organised crime - Hong Kong, UK, France, USA, Canada
Andrew KEENAN, Andrew 1989 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study current methods of understanding, investigating and tackling corruption, with particular emphasis on organised crime's dependence on corruption and the role of investigative journalism in exposing corruption PDF  
John RAUE, John 1989 To visit police psychology services with particular reference to post-trauma counselling and training police to act as peer counsellors - USA, Canada, UK
Kai YEUNG, Kai 1989 To study the methods used by overseas law enforcement agencies in the combating of organised crime - USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Barry BENNETT, Barry 1988 To study security and control of licit poppy cultivation, legislation, administrative, investigative and enforcement techniques and the relationship with the illicit drug trade - Austria, Germany, Denmark, Canada, USA
Bruce STARK, Bruce 1988 The UK Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Churchill Fellowship to study airport security with particular emphasis on policing arrangements - Germany, UK, Canada
Nicholas HOARE, Nicholas 1987 To study the latest trends in soft body armour in order to improve protection for the Victoria Police and to assist in a project to develop Australian made equipment for this purpose - USA, UK
Maxwell HILL, Maxwell 1986 To study the design and implementation of successful strategies in the prevention of juvenile crime and Police Youth Communications - USA
Ivan KOLARIK, Ivan 1986 To study innovative programmes for policing a multicultural society with a view to introducing programmes in Victoria based on understanding, tolerance and trust - UK, Germany, USA, Canada
Edward OGDEN, Edward 1986 To study the role of the doctor in support of the police force and to disseminate the results through the Association of Australasian and Pacific Area Police Medical Officers - UK, USA
Patrick CIOCCARELLI, Patrick 1985 To study developments in police tertiary education - USA
Barbara FRASER, Barbara 1985 To study developments in the employment and utilisation of policewomen - USA
Alexander JERRIM, Alexander 1985 To study developments in the training of civilian and police motorcyclists - Japan, UK, Germany, USA
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