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Fellow Year Project Report
Peter TULLOCH, Peter 1995 To study the management of severe trauma at the John Muir Medical Centre, San Francisco General Hospital and associated agencies - USA
Jeff REGNIS, Jeff 1994 To study the determination of drug delivery on to the airway surface using the bronchoscopy filter paper technique and a radioaerosol marker - USA
Robert TOFTS, Robert 1994 To improve first aid knowledge and teaching ability with particular reference to sporting injuries - Australia
James MIDDLETON, James 1992 To study ways in which paralysed muscles can be made to achieve useful functions by implantable nerve stimulators - UK, Canada
Anthony PHILLIPS, Anthony 1992 To study the organisation and techniques of contact lens fitting in abnormal/pathological eye cases - UK
David SCHULTZ, David 1992 To study adolescent health programmes available in hospitals and the community - USA
Alison FERGUSON, Alison 1991 To investigate the latest developments in the clinical assessment and remediation of Aphasia (loss of language due to brain damage) - USA
Jeffrey HANNA, Jeffrey 1991 The Medicheck Churchill Fellowship to study the latest developments in the use of haemophilus influenzae vaccine and the evaluation of vaccines - USA, Switzerland, UK, Finland
Barry GILBERT, Barry 1990 To gain further knowledge in the application of preventive health programmes for police forces concentrating particularly on physical, psychological and social strategies - USA, Canada, UK
Andrew WEEDEN, Andrew 1990 To undertake training in the operation of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) instrumentation used in nuclear medicine and to obtain knowledge and an understanding of PET clinical protocols - USA
Michael TODD, Michael 1989 To study advanced techniques for the recording and analysis of human eye movements - USA
Wendy WEIR PSM, Wendy 1989 To investigate the education and training programmes conducted for those working in comprehensive, community based mental health services and to adapt these to meet the training needs of staff in New South Wales and Australia - USA, Canada
Judith WEST (now KIRBY), Judith 1988 To observe the procedures of the world's leading poison centres and to participate in the work of the Massachusetts Poison Control System to become familiar with their methods of handling calls, continuing education and research - USA, UK
Peter BORHAM, Peter 1987 To investigate developments in nuclear medicine technology in order to provide advice on future developments in Australia including the possible acquisition of Australia's first medical cyclotron - USA, UK, Germany, France, Sweden PDF  
Angela LOW (NOW NEUHAUS), Angela 1987 To study the provision of health services in remote areas, and in particular the use of satellite communication in order to improve frontier health services in New South Wales - Canada
Jennie PONSFORD AO, Jennie 1987 To observe treatment of persons suffering from psychological deficits due to brain damage after head injury in order to improve the care for such persons in Australia generally and particularly at Bethesda Hospital in Richmond, Victoria - USA, UK
Carlos KORDJIAN, Carlos 1985 To study the preparation and presentation of anatomical specimens - UK
Judith HAMMOND, Judith 1984 To study recent developments in the chemical identification of sulphur compounds formed for the detoxification of abnormal metabolites - Switzerland
Rob NICHOLLS, Rob 1983 To study developments in the training of staff working with disabled people through attending courses conducted by the Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agency at Syracuse University and by visiting relevant training cen
Wayne PHILLIPS, Wayne 1983 To study new research in the field of neutrophil microbicidal (white blood cell) mechanisms in laboratories - UK, France, Netherlands, Germany
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