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Fellow Year Project Report
Cas O'NEILL, Cas 1992 To visit post-placement adoption services which have demonstrated a significant impact on adoption outcomes - USA, UK
Suzanne WALLACE, Suzanne 1992 To study community self-help and education for sufferers of anorexia nervosa and bulimia - UK, USA
Robert LESLIE, Robert 1991 To study the development of community based housing projects - UK, Canada, USA
Kate HANNAFORD, Kate 1990 To study the Victim Support Schemes which operate in the UK and to consider the possibility of them being implemented in South Austalia - UK
Matthias NGUI, Matthias 1990 To study the different ways of improving relations between diverse community groups - Canada, France, UK, Singapore (Partially supported by the Chinese community of WA through the Chung Wah Association)
Barry WHISSON, Barry 1990 To study detailed design needs of accommodation facilities and requirements for people suffering from dementia - Germany, Norway, Sweden, USA
Patrick McCLURE, Patrick 1989 To visit and study the operation of non-profit community enterprises involved in the provision of food for people on low income - USA, UK, Canada PDF  
Margaret NOONE AM IBVM, Margaret 1989 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to study centres assisting families with a child suffering a life-threatening illness - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Kevin WRINGE, Kevin 1988 To examine advanced crisis care services overseas and to study the delivery and use of crisis intervention services in the social welfare field - USA, UK
Peter DUNN, Peter 1987 To investigate innovative models of welfare service delivery to people in rural and remote areas in order to improve such services in Australia and particularly in the Riverina - USA PDF  
Bethany PELLAS, Bethany 1987 To find solutions to the problems of employment for people suffering from epilepsy - Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands
Veronica EGAN, Veronica 1983 To study developments in youth accommodation programs - USA, UK
Pauline FINDLAY, Pauline 1981 To study the methods employed to maintain parent contact once children are placed in an institution - UK
Ronald ELLIS OAM, Ronald 1967 To investigate and research into work with youth and families in other countries - USA, UK, India, Thailand, China, Philippines, Israel, Lebanon, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece PDF  
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