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Fellow Year Project Report
Peter QUINN, Peter 2003 To examine how communities, governments and agencies are dealing with the allocation, transfer and rehabilitation of scarce water resources in the context of escalating demands from competing user groups and declining river health - USA, U.K., Spain, Swit PDF  
Richard TARR, Richard 2003 To investigate new developments in desalination and wastewater recovery membrane treatment techniques, particularly focusing on minimising energy consumption, energy recovery systems and chemical use and process waste reduction - USA, Canada, United Arab PDF  
Andrew THOMPSON, Andrew 2003 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to study management systems that optimise the location of plant species within landscapes (including within paddocks) to improve animal production, product quality, water use and minimise the loss of nutrients to the e PDF  
Peta WHITE, Peta 2003 To investigate environmental education programs in schools and communities, particularly maintenance, funding arrangements and motivation for these programs - Canada, USA PDF  
Glenn WILLMOTT, Glenn 2003 The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to study access facility design within National Parks to include disabled people in natural environment recreation in addition to assessing volunteer management programs - New Zealand, USA PDF  
Brian WYATT, Brian 2003 To study processes and outcome aspects of land use agreements noting strategies resolving competing land use needs for development, land management and cultural heritage for and with indigenous peoples - USA, Canada, South Africa PDF  
Linda BENNISON, Linda 2002 To gain knowledge on how the European Grassland Federation and the American Forage & Grasslands Council operate to establish a similar organisation in Australia - U.K., Switzerland, Netherlands, USA PDF  
John GINNIVAN, John 2002 To investigate irrigation land use management strategies - USA, Netherlands PDF  
Jim GRANT, Jim 2002 To investigate structures, systems, programmes and courses that produce or enhance Environmental Leadership - U.K., Netherlands, Frankfurt, Switzerland PDF  
John HEPBURN, John 2002 To research successful approaches in establishing environmental enterprises that generate local employment and contribute to community development - USA, U.K. PDF  
Melissa JOHNSON, Melissa 2002 To study innovative conservation techniques and strategies for rock art, as well as the sites and landscapes containing them - USA, Portugal, Spain, France PDF  
Andrew LANG, Andrew 2002 To study the management and activities of farm forestry co-operatives - Canada, U.K., Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Hungary, USA, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Japan PDF  
John LONEY, John 2002 To examine the implementation and results of government action in a situation where a government policy of reduction in native timber harvesting has brought about large scale economic and social restructuring of regional communities - Canada, USA, New Zea PDF  
Carolyn PAPPIN, Carolyn 2002 To undertake a study of advanced cartographic (map making) design and production techniques, with an emphasis on visual perception, imagery design and 3D illustrative mapping - U.K. PDF  
David PHELPS, David 2002 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study international floodplain pastures, particularly the problems associated with grazing and natural resource management of these systems - Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Argentina, USA PDF  
Lyndon SCHNEIDERS, Lyndon 2002 To investigate examples of land use planning in remote areas and evaluate applicability to the resolution of environmental, native title and development disputes in Northern Australia - Canada PDF  
Ian TURNER, Ian 2002 To study developments in the practical applications of coastal imaging technology for coastal management - USA, U.K., Netherlands PDF  
Sherryl WRIGHT, Sherryl 2002 To better understand how to increase the voluntary participation of farmers in achieving environmentally sustainable agriculture and to meet market demands for clean and green produce - Netherlands, USA, Canada PDF  
Lex APPELGREN, Lex 2002 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of membrane systems in the treatment and reuse of municipal wastewaters - USA, Canada PDF  
Alan FORD, Alan 2002 To develop an educational programme to help students understand the principles involved in sustainable living - U.K. PDF  
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