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Fellow Year Project Report
Steven FEELGOOD, Steven 1999 To investigate programmes which provide objective assessments of inmate needs and direct change through a positive environment within the prison system - U.K. PDF  
Elizabeth MCKIBBIN, Elizabeth 1999 To study and compare the provision of access to legal information for the general public, particularly services to remote, Indigenous and ethnic communities - Canada, USA, Ireland
Heather BARRY, Heather 1998 To research vocational and education programmes for women prisoners - USA, Canada
Prue INNES, Prue 1998 To gain insight into the relationship between the courts, judiciary and the media - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Judith LAZARUS AM, Judith 1998 To study strategies aimed at breaking the cycle of offending behaviour - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Sarah MCNAUGHTON, Sarah 1998 To study the conduct of complex prosecutions - usa PDF  
Edgars OZOLS, Edgars 1998 To study programmes for mentally ill offenders and perpetrators of domestic violence - USA PDF  
Paul SMITH, Paul 1998 To research the established methods for reaching successful negotiated agreements on native title - Canada, USA
Bruce TURNER, Bruce 1998 To investigate the management of public disputes, particularly those associated with land or resources - USA, Canada, UK
Gino VUMBACA, Gino 1998 To study ways to deal with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and drug use within the prison system - Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Canada PDF  
Penelope GOLIAS, Penelope 1997 To investigate sex offender treatment programmes - USA, Canada
Annemarie TILLEY, Annemarie 1997 To evaluate the application of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to the operation of the Small Claims Tribunal - USA, Canada, UK, Singapore PDF  
Robert DIXON, Robert 1996 To study the provision of innovative educational and vocational programmes for juveniles in detention - USA, Canada, UK,
Tracey RAYMOND, Tracey 1996 To study conciliation and complaint handling by public servants administering Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination legislation - Canada, USA, UK
Robin THORNE, Robin 1996 To study alternative dispute resolution in Indigenous communites - USA, Canada
Frances KILLION, Frances 1995 To learn about advances in the management of offenders in correctional institutions, and the role of official visitors - UK, Netherlands, France, Sweden
Linda DESSAU AC, Linda 1994 The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to study ways of reducing the cost and delay in the criminal justice system - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Terrence O'CONNELL OAM, Terrence 1994 To study victim/offender mediation programmes within criminal justice systems - USA, Canada, UK, France
Peter HUXTABLE, Peter 1993 To examine legal aid schemes in order to improve access to justice for all Australians - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands
Shannon BELLETT, Shannon 1992 To study various child victim witness programmes in order to reduce the trauma and long term effects of the court process and to assist victims and their mothers - USA
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