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Fellow Year Project Report
Noritta MORSEU-DIOP, Noritta 2011 To explore Indigenous-specific healing initiatives in prisons and the criminal justice system - USA, Canada PDF  
Sally RHODES, Sally 2011 To study how to reunify abused children safely home to their families when parents deny the abuse - UK PDF  
Rae SINCLAIR, Rae 2011 To evaluate literacy and numeracy programs offered to Indigenous and disadvantaged youths in juvenile detention centres - USA, Canada PDF  
Helen SMITH, Helen 2011 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of education as a means of addressing cultural misunderstandings of Islam in Australian society - UK, USA PDF  
Tanya VINCENT, Tanya 2011 To investigate how Copenhagen's play yards address the parental fears and higher densities that limit the outdoor, independent play of children in Australian cities - Denmark PDF  
Maxine ASHTON, Maxine 2010 To investigate international approaches that effectively help people with mental illness to quit tobacco - USA, Canada PDF  
Sarah BARTON, Sarah 2010 To research the content for a landmark documentary about the history of the disability rights movement - USA, UK PDF  
Kate BRADY, Kate 2010 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study disaster recovery services following a variety of emergencies - USA, UK, China PDF  
Michelle BROWNING, Michelle 2010 To investigate new models of guardianship and the emerging practice of supported decision making - Canada, UK PDF  
Leslie BULLUSS, Leslie 2010 To research culturally appropriate Indigenous community policing models - USA, Canada PDF  
Janice CARROLL, Janice 2010 To study models of therapeutic residential care for children recovering from abuse and neglect - USA, UK PDF  
Louise CATO, Louise 2010 To investigate community support and advocacy services for those living with communication impairment following Acquired Brain Injury - UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada PDF  
Dianne CHARTRES, Dianne 2010 To investigate Supported Decision Making practices, capacity building strategies and other alternatives to full guardianship - Canada, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, India PDF  
Jayne CLAPTON, Jayne 2010 To investigate sustainable outcomes for students of low socio-economic backgrounds in Australian higher education - Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Finland PDF  
Boyd CURRAN, Boyd 2010 To study programs for empowering disadvantaged Indigenous youth to improve life choices and employment opportunities - USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand PDF  
Judith HILL, Judith 2010 To study intergenerational, cross-cultural participation in global child centred environmental projects - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Julie JACKSON, Julie 2010 The WA Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship to study methods to achieve an integrated and collaborative approach to improve services for children and their families where there are child welfare concerns - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Kon KARAPANAGIOTIDIS OAM, Kon 2010 To visit leading refugee organisations to ascertain strategies for advocating and supporting asylum seekers in Australia - UK, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, USA PDF  
Louise MAJKUT, Louise 2010 To study respite models which promote social inclusion for people with an intellectual disability - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Claudia MANU-PRESTON, Claudia 2010 To investigate homelessness models of housing and support for people with a mental illness - UK, Italy, Canada, USA PDF  
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