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Fellow Year Project Report
John TRIER, John 1995 To expand the skills and techniques for working with horn and to develop a wider range of products - UK, France, Germany, Indonesia
Allan WETHERELL, Allan 1995 To attend a printing trade fair, two short technical courses and to visit printing organisations - Germany, Israel, UK
Ingrid VAN DYK, Ingrid 1994 To investigate and assess how creativity is being dealt with by other educational institutions embracing a competency based format of curriculum design to arts related areas - UK, Netherlands, USA
Les BLAKEBROUGH, Les 1993 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to study the latest techniques used in ceramic production - Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK
Kathleen ISHERWOOD, Kathleen 1993 To study advanced floral design - Germany, Netherlands, France
Andrea MAY, Andrea 1993 The Elisabeth Murdoch Churchill Fellowship to investigate computer applications for fine art practice, in particular tapestry - UK
Leslie BROWN, Leslie 1992 To further research into Norfolk Island history - Australia
Louise CHAMBERLIN, Louise 1992 To research techniques and applications of puppetry and maskmaking in education - Vietnam, Japan, Italy, UK, USA
Peter NORTHCOTT, Peter 1992 To visit the Eritrea region of Ethiopia to experience and photograph the family life of the children and to produce an informative display of these photographs to tour the schools of WA - Ethiopia
Wojciech PIETRANIK, Wojciech 1992 To improve personal skills in bas-relief sculpture for coins and medals design - Italy
Joe WILSON, Joe 1992 To obtain hands-on experience at the National Motor Museum and Mercedes Benz and to observe crafts used for motor vehicle restoration - UK, Germany PDF  
Gemma BLACK, Gemma 1991 To study the art of teaching calligraphy - UK, Belgium
Anne CONNELLY, Anne 1991 To study ecclesiastical embroidery and design and modern fabric decoration in religious settings - UK
Donald FORTESCUE, Donald 1991 To study traditional Japanese woodworking and papermaking - Japan PDF  
Wayne HARTLEY, Wayne 1991 To study the techniques used and the applications of architectural etched and decorated glass - UK, Germany
Ronda JAMIESON, Ronda 1991 To study the latest techniques used in oral history collection, storage and teaching - New Zealand, USA, UK
Craig MUNRO, Craig 1991 To investigate the unique position of Canadian book publishing in order to determine the corresponding benefits which may be available to Australia - Canada, USA
Lorraine LUCEY, Lorraine 1990 To work with bone china in slip form in order to produce first quality glazed, or parian blank shapes suitable for china painting - UK
Gilbert DASHORST, Gilbert 1988 To obtain experience and skills in botanical illustration and printing techniques and to gain access to archival material - UK, Netherlands
Morgyn PHILLIPS, Morgyn 1987 To study techniques of silk painting in order to teach to a standard of excellence in Australia - France
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