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Fellow Year Project Report
Peter WILKINS, Peter 2002 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods of identifying electronic crime which will contribute to the development of Australasia's response - USA, U.K., Netherlands, France, Japan PDF  
Brendan DELAHUNTY, Brendan 2001 To research initiatives developed to monitor and manage police relations with minority communities, particularly regarding tensions arising from specific police operations eg: "Zero Tolerance" initiatives - Singapore, UK, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Ian DICKER, Ian 2001 To study the integration of light agricultural aircraft into bushfire suppression operations - USA, South America, Canada. PDF  
Kevin SHERIDAN, Kevin 2001 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to review Asset Confiscation (Proceeds of Crime) Management Models in international police jurisdictions in order to identify an effective model for implementation in the Australian criminal justice system - Canada, PDF  
Judith SHIELDS, Judith 2001 To research fatigue engendered by operational requirements of medical crews in the air ambulance environment - USA PDF  
John WILSON AFSM, John 2001 The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study Urgent Duty Driving training practices developed for emergency services personnel, along with public awareness campaigns pertaining to road safety within the community - Germany, Sweden, UK, USA PDF  
Peter BROWNE, Peter 2000 To study police and related community programmes aimed at reshaping the lives of wayward young people - USA, UK, Canada PDF  
Alicia EVANS, Alicia 2000 To study the nature and impact of forensic nursing agencies - USA
Christine HOWLETT, Christine 2000 To investigate ways to combat organised crime, in particular, money laundering via alternative remittance and underground banking systems - Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, France, Italy, USA, Canada PDF  
Shane RINGIN, Shane 2000 To investigate ways to counter the production and use of counterfeit documents - Hong Kong, Netherlands, UK, USA PDF  
Mark THOMASON AFSM, Mark 2000 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to investigate the National Inter-Agency Incident Management System - USA, Canada PDF  
Michael WATSON, Michael 2000 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies and policies to reduce drug supply - Netherlands, Austria, USA, UK PDF  
Susan ANDERSON, Susan 1999 To investigate assistance by police to victims of crime, accident and emergency - New Zealand, Netherlands, U.K., USA, Canada PDF  
Desmond FALCONER, Desmond 1999 To study the latest developments in urban search and rescue with particular reference to incidents of structural collapse - Singapore, Japan, USA, U.K., Ireland, Germany, Israel PDF  
Susan FOSTER, Susan 1999 To investigate collaborative and co-ordinated Government and non-government agency responses to intervention and prevention strategies in domestic and family violence - USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada PDF  
Jeffrey GODFREDSON, Jeffrey 1999 To investigate how emergency services in "at risk" communities prepare for incidents involving chemical and biological agents - USA, U.K., Israel, Japan
Mick GUY, Mick 1999 The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to gain the knowledge necessary to identify drugs in drivers - USA, U.K., Sweden, Germany, Netherlands
Brent MUIR, Brent 1999 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate the latest methodology and technology available with regard to organised crime and drug syndicates in combating drug problems - USA, U.K.
Timothy PAUL, Timothy 1999 To study critical incident stress management programmes and assess the development of current trends and initiatives relevant to policing - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark
Leonard BATLEY, Leonard 1998 To investigate the latest developments in rescue techniques - USA, UK
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