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Fellow Year Project Report
Grant JOHNSON, Grant 1983 To study developments in adult correctional administration particularly modern security technology, high security accommodation for prisoners, training and development programmes for prison staff, and the use of joint-sex prisons - UK, USA, Sweden, German
Wendy FAULKES, Wendy 1982 To study overseas developments in mediation and community based dispute resolution - USA, UK
John GREGORY, John 1980 To study overseas developments in Questioned Document Examination (documents involved in white collar crime), USA Post Office, FBI and at the Metropolitan Police Document Section, London - USA, UK
Terence PURCELL, Terence 1972 To investigate and observe the various Legal Aid schemes developed - USA, UK PDF  
Joan RUSSEL, Joan 1966 To observe overseas female probation, parole & prison procedures - UK, USA, Sweden, Canada PDF  
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