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Fellow Year Project Report
Wayne HARTLEY, Wayne 1991 To study the techniques used and the applications of architectural etched and decorated glass - UK, Germany
Ronda JAMIESON, Ronda 1991 To study the latest techniques used in oral history collection, storage and teaching - New Zealand, USA, UK
Craig MUNRO, Craig 1991 To investigate the unique position of Canadian book publishing in order to determine the corresponding benefits which may be available to Australia - Canada, USA
Lorraine LUCEY, Lorraine 1990 To work with bone china in slip form in order to produce first quality glazed, or parian blank shapes suitable for china painting - UK
Gilbert DASHORST, Gilbert 1988 To obtain experience and skills in botanical illustration and printing techniques and to gain access to archival material - UK, Netherlands
Morgyn PHILLIPS, Morgyn 1987 To study techniques of silk painting in order to teach to a standard of excellence in Australia - France
Doreen ATKINSON, Doreen 1986 To study three dimensional and sculptural weaving techniques overseas in order to pass on to weavers and to use skills as a foundation for encouraging craft and cottage industries - UK PDF  
Alan DAVIES, Alan 1986 To determine the location and identification of Australian photographs, particularly the 19th Century in British institutions - UK
Rhyl HINWOOD AM, Rhyl 1986 To study the work of present and past great sculptors and to learn first hand the skills of marble sculpture - Italy, France, UK, USA
Ruth STONELEY, Ruth 1986 To study the historical, social and technical aspects of quiltmaking - USA
Salvatore ZOFREA OAM, Salvatore 1986 To enrich techniques for painting frescoes in Australia by observing Italian Renaissance frescoes - Italy
Lola DE MAR PSM, Lola 1985 To study the teaching of fibre craftmanship to young intellectually handicapped people - Egypt, UK, Canada, USA. PDF  
Bernice GERRAND, Bernice 1985 To study developments in community based arts projects - UK
Fay GOOD, Fay 1985 To study fine art decoration and painting on porcelain and bone china under a master painter at Stoke-on-Trent - UK
Laurette LIDEROS, Laurette 1984 To undertake courses in ecclesiastical embroidery - UK, Netherlands, Belgium
Desmond NORMAN, Desmond 1984 To study Byzantine iconic painting - Russia, Greece, UK
Elizabeth RICHARDSON (Russell-Arnot), Elizabeth 1984 To investigate techniques for the recording of natural history and scientific illustration - USA, UK, Germany
Peter TIMMS, Peter 1984 To study 19th Century ceramics at museums and galleries - UK, France, Germany, Italy
Peter DAY, Peter 1983 To study community-based art projects - USA, Canada
Hal FRY, Hal 1983 To study developments in weaving - UK PDF  
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