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Fellow Year Project Report
Frances SORENSEN, Frances 2002 To research water quality monitoring by adult community volunteers - USA
Edward THEXTON, Edward 2002 To study riparian vegetation rehabilitation assessment, planning and management in agricultural (non reserved) areas - USA, New Zealand, U.K., South Africa PDF  
Robert THORN, Robert 2002 To examine the different methods of reef monitoring techniques - Australia PDF  
Tricia WILLIAMS, Tricia 2002 To examine water sharing in developed river systems, specifically techniques used by water resource managers in dealing with flow requirements and salinity issues - USA, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan PDF  
Miriam BUCHHORN, Miriam 2001 To investigate community, government, academic and independent research organisations where models, tools and policy development programmes are centred on resource recovery, waste avoidance and community enterprise development - UK, Germany, Belgium, Aust PDF  
Christine COUGHANOWR, Christine 2001 To investigate successful estuary management programmes - France, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Anthony GRANT, Anthony 2001 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to investigate the latest trends and methods in the feedlotting of beef and lamb, with particular emphasis on environmental sustainability, nutritional supplements and disease control - USA, UK, France, Germany, Middle
Andrew HAMMONDS, Andrew 2001 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate established community based sustainable urban development which can be applied in the planning, design and construction of public housing projects in Queensland - Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, PDF  
Ian HUNTER, Ian 2001 To investigate the management of urban public parks and gardens - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Russell KING, Russell 2001 To visit countries where water rights systems and tradeable rights to ground water contamination are well established - Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, USA PDF  
Bridget MCINTOSH, Bridget 2001 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate effective accreditation schemes for renewable energy producers, particularly focusing on consumer participation in such schemes - USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden PDF  
Melissa NURSEY-BRAY, Melissa 2001 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to assess the CAMPFIRE model which involves rural communities in conservation and development by returning to them the stewardship of their natural resources making wildlife a valuable resource - South Africa, Namibia, PDF  
Peter O'REAGAIN, Peter 2001 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate sustainable management of rangelands, particularly new research and management technology - USA PDF  
Jason OLSEN, Jason 2001 To study the latest developments in soil health which offer the potential of sustaining Australia's soil resources and reducing our dependence on biocides - USA PDF  
Michael RANKIN, Michael 2001 To identify strategies to train operators and users of irrigation systems and investigate working partnerships between key representative groups to enhance water efficiency practices - USA, Canada, Netherlands, Israel PDF  
Mark SHEAHAN, Mark 2001 To study the system of creating and trading credits for biodiversity between landholders, meeting both conservation and development goals - USA PDF  
Maria SIMONELLI, Maria 2001 To determine the motivational factors at work for organisations endeavouring to integrate environmental principles into their business objectives - USA, Canada PDF  
Tim SMITH, Tim 2001 To investigate and evaluate the principles of, and community involvement in, stream management - UK
Brian STOCKWELL, Brian 2001 The Waterwatch Australia Churchill Fellowship to enhance the impact of Waterwatch and river health monitoring activities, particularly innovative partnerships between the community, government and industry that have led to good river health outcomes - UK, PDF  
Lukas VAN ZWIETEN, Lukas 2001 To research the implementation of new technology for removing organochlorines from the soil environment - USA PDF  
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