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Fellow Year Project Report
Jill MARGO AM, Jill 2011 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study sexual rehabilitation following treatment for prostate cancer - USA, Israel, Germany, UK PDF  
Jane MARTIN, Jane 2011 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study advocacy strategies to encourage government to adopt evidence-based policies to prevent Australians becoming overweight and obese - USA, UK PDF  
Manoj MENEZES, Manoj 2011 To study the assessment and diagnosis of patients with both inherited muscle disorders and peripheral neuropathies - UK, Slovenia, Portugal PDF  
Megan NUTT, Megan 2011 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to examine advanced practice nursing roles in survivorship care planning for head and neck cancer patients - Canada, USA
Emma RIDLEY, Emma 2011 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study methods for determining the nutritional needs of critically ill patients - Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Spain PDF  
Ross ROBERTS-THOMSON, Ross 2011 To evaluate established models of postgraduate pre-vocational medical education - UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Christine SCOTT, Christine 2011 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study the integration of complementary and supportive therapies with conventional medical care for people with cancer - USA, UK PDF  
Kathryn TAN, Kathryn 2011 To undertake the Professional Certificate Program in Injury-Preventative Keyboard Technique with Barbara Lister-Sink - USA PDF  
Tracey TAY, Tracey 2011 To investigate how highly performing health care organisations support clinician involvement and leadership in change - Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA PDF  
Gary THORPE OAM, Gary 2011 To study the application of music for the management of dementia and related issues - USA, Canada, UK, Denmark PDF  
Catriona TONACIA OAM, Catriona 2011 To study methods for eradicating the stigma and misconceptions surrounding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Kathryn WHITE, Kathryn 2011 To examine the role of nurse-led clinics focusing on interventions for sexual dysfunction in cancer patients and establish a research partnership in this area - UK PDF  
Theresa WILLIAMS, Theresa 2011 To investigate the policy and practice of self directed support for people with a mental illness - UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands PDF  
Leanne WOOD, Leanne 2011 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs and strategies to increase organ donation and transplantation rates in cultural groups - USA PDF  
Elizabeth AMEGA, Elizabeth 2010 To study advance practice nursing for chronic kidney disease clients in primary health care - Ghana, Ireland, Cuba PDF  
Maxine ASHTON, Maxine 2010 To investigate international approaches that effectively help people with mental illness to quit tobacco - USA, Canada PDF  
Vicki BITSIKA AM, Vicki 2010 To investigate specialised intervention technologies for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder - USA, UK PDF  
Louise CATO, Louise 2010 To investigate community support and advocacy services for those living with communication impairment following Acquired Brain Injury - UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada PDF  
Bibiana CHAN, Bibiana 2010 To explore mental health peer-led recovery programs - Canada, USA PDF  
Alexander COLLIE, Alexander 2010 To study the impact of compensation on health and work outcomes following injury - UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, USA PDF  
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