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Fellow Year Project Report
Katherine ALEXANDER PSM, Katherine 2009 To study contemporary challenges faced by professionals working within the child protection field - UK, Norway, USA PDF  
Joanna BESLEY, Joanna 2009 To examine the role of museums in assisting communities to recover from traumatic events and experiences - USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa PDF  
Nicholas BOLTO, Nicholas 2009 To undertake a review of innovation in court based information, support and referral services - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Cambodia PDF  
Lynne CHALLINOR, Lynne 2009 To study educational and therapeutic benefits of using abandoned dogs in the rehabilitation of prisoners - USA, Canada PDF  
Gordon FAIRMAN, Gordon 2009 To examine child sexual abuse intervention strategies in remote Indigenous communities - USA, Canada PDF  
Wendy GUSCOTT, Wendy 2009 To explore culturally appropriate response models to provide psychological support for people affected by trauma - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Chris HALL AM, Chris 2009 To study the role of mergers, alliances and related strategies in enhancing the future effectiveness and sustainability of not for profit organisations - USA, UK PDF  
Cynthia HOLLAND, Cynthia 2009 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to gather data related to established children's programs catering for members of households significantly affected by either chronic illness or trauma in a parent - USA PDF  
Joanne HOWARD, Joanne 2009 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods for preventing and responding to adolescent violence towards parents - Canada, USA PDF  
Katalin KRASZLAN, Katalin 2009 To study the development, provision and evaluation of re-entry services for prisoners - USA, Israel PDF  
Sarah MADDISON, Sarah 2009 To explore sustainable structures and processes in Indigenous representative organisations - USA, Canada PDF  
Suzanne MATTHEWS, Suzanne 2009 To compare regulatory and planning models which reduce crime in the night time economy - Canada, USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany PDF  
Helen McMAHON, Helen 2009 To study the use of and support for Indigenous kinship networks to provide safety for children at risk of harm - Canada PDF  
Samuel MURRAY, Samuel 2009 To assess the impact of compulsory registration and accreditation systems of support staff on disability service provision - U.K., Norway, Canada, USA PDF  
Diana PALMER, Diana 2009 The Blakeney Millar Churchill Fellowship to study the provision of accessible, relevant information enabling people with disabilities to make informed travel choices - USA, Canada, Sweden, UK, China PDF  
Toby RAEBURN, Toby 2009 To investigate nurse led mental health services amongst disadvantaged populations - USA PDF  
Robert RYAN, Robert 2009 To investigate training models for professional staff in statutory child protection - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Jennifer SAINSBURY, Jennifer 2009 To study methods for building the capacity of the education sector to support same sex attracted young people - UK, Netherlands, USA PDF  
Marluce SILVA PETERS, Marluce 2009 The A.C.T. Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs to support overseas born women surviving family violence - Finland, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Austria PDF  
Annette THOMPSON, Annette 2009 To collaborate with trainers and writers of software resources for vision impaired people - USA, Canada PDF  
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