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Fellow Year Project Report
Maureen HOLBROOK, Maureen 1983 To study conservation techniques and classification procedures of historical embroideries, laces and related textiles - UK
Michael TRACEY, Michael 1983 To study modern techniques of casting sculptures - UK, Germany
Norman BIRRELL, Norman 1982 To undertake a course in the methods of using glass, in stained glass art, at the Pilchuck School in Seattle, and to visit glass art factories - USA
Ante DABRO, Ante 1982 To study both the traditional and ceramic shell methods of casting of sculpture - USA, UK, Germany
Kevin PERKINS AM, Kevin 1982 To study and observe the style and developments occurring in furniture designers/makers and Indigenous woodworkers - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Alan WILSON, Alan 1982 To study the teaching of woodcraft and to obtain practical experience with recognised American wood-craftsmen - USA PDF  
David JACK, David 1980 To study the monumental works of artists of the past, the works of contemporary artists, and to study at those restoration studios where the chemistry and formulas of Masters' works is known - UK, USA, Mexico
George BROWN AM, George 1978 To research biographical information relating to early Tasmanian artists and their art - UK, France, Norway, Germany PDF  
Alan TURNER, Alan 1967 To improve knowledge and skill in all forms of art and art techniques and observe and study original works of art and forms of architecture - Fiji, USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, India, Thailand
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