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Fellow Year Project Report
Karl O'CALLAGHAN, Karl 1997 To research methods of ethics education and development for police officers - USA, UK, Canada PDF  
William PRIOR, William 1997 To examine community based crime prevention initiatives - Canada, USA PDF  
John SCHOT, John 1997 To investigate the latest developments in the protection of VIP's - UK, USA, Canada
Peter COLLINS, Peter 1996 To investigate rescue helicopter techniques with particular reference to night operations using night vision goggles - Switzerland, France, Germany, UK
Mark CRAIG, Mark 1996 To study best practice in intelligence management with respect to Chinese organised crime - Hong Kong, UK, Netherlands, Canada, USA
Nicholas GELLIE, Nicholas 1996 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to investigate fire management planning - USA, Canada
Richard GRANT APM, Richard 1996 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to identify trends in the use of telecommunications by criminals and to study methods of interception - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands
Max OFFER, Max 1996 To investigate the latest techniques in the scientific examination of clandestine drug manufacturing - Japan, USA
Jeff WILLOUGHBY, Jeff 1996 To investigate negotiation techniques during hostage, crisis and suicide incidents - UK, France, USA, Canada
Peter BROOKHOUSE, Peter 1995 To study the use of lightning detection/tracking systems for bushfire detection in Australia - USA, Canada
Chris BUFFETT, Chris 1995 To undertake training in vertical rescue - Australia
Darrell GEISEL, Darrell 1995 To study the current training methods and operational deployment of "general purpose" police dogs - UK, Germany, Belgium, USA
Sara JONES, Sara 1995 To study the development of practical forensic podiatry skills for use in assisting criminal investigation - USA, Canada
Patrick JONES AFSM, Patrick 1995 To study fire investigation - UK PDF  
Gregory MULLINS AO, Gregory 1995 To investigate the use of modern technology and management systems in bushfire control with a view to improving Australian arrangements - USA PDF  
William CLIFFORD, William 1994 To attend an international conference and investigate the degree of critical incident stress management within the fire services - USA
Miles CURRINGTON, Miles 1994 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study and practice as a helicopter emergency and medical services pilot - USA PDF  
Paul McFADYEN, Paul 1994 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate covert technical equipment used by overseas law enforcement agencies for evidence and intelligence gathering - USA, UK
Stephen FROST, Stephen 1993 To study the licensing, training and setting of professional standards of private security agents and their relationship with traditional law enforcement agencies - USA, Canada, UK, South Africa
James O'DONNELL, James 1993 To investigate ways of establishing high professional, cultural and ethical standards as a defence against corruption in police forces - Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada
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