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Fellow Year Project Report
Darrell GEISEL, Darrell 1995 To study the current training methods and operational deployment of "general purpose" police dogs - UK, Germany, Belgium, USA
Sara JONES, Sara 1995 To study the development of practical forensic podiatry skills for use in assisting criminal investigation - USA, Canada
Patrick JONES AFSM, Patrick 1995 To study fire investigation - UK PDF  
Gregory MULLINS AO, Gregory 1995 To investigate the use of modern technology and management systems in bushfire control with a view to improving Australian arrangements - USA PDF  
William CLIFFORD, William 1994 To attend an international conference and investigate the degree of critical incident stress management within the fire services - USA
Miles CURRINGTON, Miles 1994 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study and practice as a helicopter emergency and medical services pilot - USA PDF  
Paul McFADYEN, Paul 1994 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate covert technical equipment used by overseas law enforcement agencies for evidence and intelligence gathering - USA, UK
Stephen FROST, Stephen 1993 To study the licensing, training and setting of professional standards of private security agents and their relationship with traditional law enforcement agencies - USA, Canada, UK, South Africa
James O'DONNELL, James 1993 To investigate ways of establishing high professional, cultural and ethical standards as a defence against corruption in police forces - Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada
Laurie PYNE, Laurie 1993 To study community involvement in crime prevention - Singapore, UK, Ireland, USA
David TRANTHIM-FRYER, David 1993 To obtain theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the scientific examination of fire scenes - USA, New Zealand
Shannon BELLETT, Shannon 1992 To study various child victim witness programmes in order to reduce the trauma and long term effects of the court process and to assist victims and their mothers - USA
Gary HIGGINS, Gary 1992 To examine first hand and gain practical working experience in police and related agency practices aimed at combating organised crime within the Triad Movement - Hong Kong
Graeme JAMIESON, Graeme 1992 To study volunteer and auxiliary police services to assess the possibility of establishing an auxiliary police service in Victoria - USA, UK
Chris NOTMAN, Chris 1992 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate surveillance units attached to overseas law enforcement agencies with particular reference to methods of training, operational techniques and equipment - USA, UK PDF  
Geoffrey SMITH, Geoffrey 1992 The Tasmanian Law Society Churchill Fellowship to study police ethics and the manner in which this subject is taught to police officers - USA
Martin HOLLOWAY, Martin 1991 To study the most modern methods and techniques being used in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents - USA, UK
Brett HUME, Brett 1991 To study the management of hazardous materials emergencies - USA, Germany, UK
Jane MUNDAY, Jane 1991 To study media training courses at police colleges and police media liaison for major crimes and incidents such as earthquakes, air crashes and traffic crashes - UK, USA, Canada
Harry NEYENHUYS, Harry 1991 To research the latest techniques in fraud investigation - Hong Kong, UK
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